A History of Gore and Splatter in Cinema

Till 1950's

1929: Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali collaborate to create the surreal short film Un Chien Andalou, which features a very graphic eyeball slicing. A genuine cow eyeball was used so this looked incredibly real, making people cringe to this day. The first extreme gore scene in a film.

1934: Dwain Esper's surreal and experimental psycho/horror film Maniac has a scene where a cat plays with a heart. Not too graphic by today's standards but still pretty sick and disgusting.

1940: The Nazi propaghanda film Eternal Jew directed by Fritz Hippler shows a scene of Jews slaughtering a cow to make it Kosher. An extremely gory scene with a cow's throat slit and left to bleed to death. It violently twitches around as it gushes blood out its big neck wound by the gallons. This film was basically used to turn everyone against the Jews, painting them as immoral savages that must be exterminated. Putting this graphic scene near the end of the film was clever of the Nazis since the final moments in any movie are the ones people remember the most. And when a lot of people remembered that cow getting butchered the most, they sure as hell were pissed off at the Jews. Just goes to show how powerful an impact gore has on a viewer. Later in 1952, Night and Fog would show the Nazi's brutally murdering Jews. Some denied the Holocaust and said the gore scenes were Jewish propaganda that the Jews in Hollywood created.

1950's: Driver's Ed "scare films" such as The Red Asphalt series features the gruesome aftermath of car accidents so people can take driving more seriously. Later on in the 60's there would be similar graphic movies known as "shockumentaries" that would document the shocking and sensational, including gore. The movie Mondo Cane started the whole "mondo film" thing.