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regoregitated sacrificeRegoregitated sacrifice : Limited edition, Director's cut, 2 dvd's, Limited to 666 copies, this one is no 195 ,signed and dated by Lucifer Valentine with the Kingdom of hell productions official stamp, a handwritten message from the director and with a limited edition release certificate of authenticity, brand new and sealed !



texas chainsawTexas chainsaw massacre: The chainsaw edition. 2 disc edition. This edition has the most bonus features.





silence of the lambsSilence of the lambs : 2 disc edition, with mask of Hannibal Lecter, numbered box, no 0014/1000.









fetusFetus : Signed by director Brian Paulin.





august underground mordumAugust Underground Mordum : Snuff edition, signed by cast and crew, numbered , no 938/1000.




evil deadThe Evil Dead : Anchor bay box trilogy, 4 dvd's, with the fully uncut edition of The Evil Dead, also Book of the dead I & Book of the dead II.







guinea pigGuinea pig metal box : The complete series, and for the real freaks out there I know this is not the Unearthed edition, but it looks just fine to me. Contains : Devil's experiment, Flowers of flesh & blood, He never dies, Devil woman doctor, Android of Notre Dame, Making of Guinea pig & Devil woman doctor, also 3 extra postcards.


men behind the sunMen Behind The Sun : Limited 4 disc edition, fully uncut. Part 1 , Part 2 : Laboratory of the evil, Part 3 : A narrow escape, Part 4 : Black sun the nanking massacre.




hells half acreHell's Half Acre : Signed by the two director's : Scott Krycia and Sean Tiedeman and also by Todd Labar which is the killer in this flick.




gateway meatThe Gateway Meat : Extreme limited edition, numbered, this is no 0343/1000.





k7bK7B Mutation : signed copy.





saw4Saw IV : 2 disc edition, numbered box (0498), with T-shirt and Billy puppet voice recorder.





saw5Saw V : Unrated collector's edition with spinning blade and voice of Jig saw killer.