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Welcome on my personal website which serves mainly as a creative outlet for my love of music. So no personal information as far as I'm concerned, just writings about the kind of music I like, the equipment needed to decently play that music and where to find it (as I'm not really into mainstream music this can be more difficult than it seems at first).

Although I'm a professional Java developer myself, this layout is not my creation but a free CSS template made available by NodeThirtyThree Design. Bring them a visit if you like what you see and would like something similar.

The links above will take you to different parts of the site. As I'm just starting out don't expect this site to be stuffed with information just yet. You can find the most recent news on this page but once the page becomes too large I'll move it to the news section. I guess it's pretty obvious what each of the menu items is about so just click and take a look.

Added a review of Murcof's Martes

Posted by Brainbug on April 3, 2007

What the title says...

Added a review of Harold Budd's By The Dawn's Early Light

Posted by Brainbug on March 13, 2007

What the title says...

Posted my audio setup

Posted by Brainbug on March 12, 2007

I just added the first post in the equipment section. It is a short overview of my current audio setup.

Added some links

Posted by Brainbug on March 8, 2007

I've just added some links on the music and equipment pages. The links are related to the page so on the music page you'll find some links to sites dealing with music and on the equipment page you'll currently find links that take you to audio equipment review sites. Remember to stay sceptical of reviews and use your own ears to make up your mind!

What to do?


I haven't worked out yet what I will do with this column. I might try and put some Google Ads here but then again I might not. We'll see.