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Bruno started his musical journey as leader of the Pink Flowers in 1986.
This resulted in the release of 3 cd's April showers(1990), Tune in(1992), Blind man's son(1995) and 2 singles: Nefetari/All I want is you en Blind man's son/Mary Magdalene.

In 1997 he started with Bruno &The Blue Period, a one year project. The single Dangle/Lazy on the easy chair(1996) was one of the outcomes.

In 1998 he went solo and since then released five solo albums

He also worked as a musician on various albums by Lieven Tavernier,Derek,Filip de Fleurquin,Het Gespuis,HT Roberts

www.lieventavernier.be www.derekmusic.be www.filipdefleurquin.be www.ht-roberts.be