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Bruno Vansina 5-tet    
12 12
CD - RAT 045

Eden - RAT 043

CD : 12 euro (ex Shipping)

Don't forget to pic you favorite CD cover (1-12) !!!

In 2018 Bruno Vansina went on a musical adventure. Every month, his band visited a quirky place: an ice rink, motorway, velodrome or fair. The challenge: to incorporate the location into their music making. Now this concept is transposed into a studio recording.

Bruno Vansina (alto saxophone, keys, percu)
Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar)
Cyrille obermüller (bass)
Falk Schrauwen (percussion)
Teun Verbruggen (drums)

All songs by Bruno Vansina
Recorded November 2019 by Roel snellebrand at Studio Dada, Brussels.
Mixed December 2019 by Frederik Segers at Studio boma, Gent.
Mastered january 2020 by Uwe Teichert.
Artwork by Marc Meeuwissen, Bruno Vansina, , Wout Schoonis, Kim Vreys, Bram Goots, kris Verdonck.


This Cd comes in 12 different covers:
#1 Antarctica #2 Antarctica #3 Antarctica #4 Antarctica #5 Antarctica #6 Antarctica #7 Antarctica #8 Antarctica #9 Antarctica #10 Antarctica #11 Antarctica #12 Antarctica



Leap Detach    
Singer Fetherweight
CD - RAT 044

Singer Fetherweight - RAT 044

CD : 15 euro (ex Shipping)

Vitja Pauwels, Casper Van De Velde and Hendrik Lasure explored the richness of their personal instruments in terms of timbre, time and form, regardless of any means and in interaction with one another. The album Singer Featherweight is a result of a two-year research project entitled Artificial Extensions of Acoustics at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. The ensemble Leap/Detach became the playground for this project which they literally considered as a ‘leap in the dark’ with their custom-made, electronic instruments and preparations, and where newly made sounds arose ‘detached’ from their origins.

Vitja Pauwels - electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel guitar, hard- & software processing, live sampling
Hendrik Lasure - piano, hard- & software processing, live sampling
Casper Van De Velde - drums, objects, computer processing


The Bureau of Atomic Tourism    
CD - RAT 043

Eden - RAT 043

CD : 15 euro (ex Shipping)

The caustic blast that opens Eden says it all: The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism is back. It has been four years since Hapax Legomena, but the sextet sounds as inspired and sharp as ever, leaving no doubts about their status as a considerable force in avant-garde jazz.

MAGNUS BROO - trumpet
JOZEF DUMOULIN - Fender Rhodes


Artwork byCarole Vanderlinden


Vitja Pauwels    
Day at Half Speed
CD - RAT 042

Day at Half Speed - RAT 042

CD : 15 euro (ex Shipping)

Day at Half Speed is the first solo album of Belgian guitar player Vitja Pauwels. It’s a recorded concert he did in May 2017 in Trondheim (Norway) where he stayed for a year to work on this project under guidance of Stian Westerhus.
This live album consists of five pieces written for acoustic guitar and acoustic baritone guitar in which different kinds of interplay with electronics were investigated in a solo situation.
Vitja combines his guitar playing with carefully chosen electronics that form complements or contrasts to the acoustic sound.
Using guitar pedals, computer processing, synthesizers and samples - played and triggered with the toes - he tried to maximize some of the compositions’ potential with attention for melody and form.


  1. glow
  2. overseas
  3. paper airplanes
  4. see me
  5. blossom

Chasing Penguins
CD - RAT 041

Chasing Penguins - RAT 041

CD : 15 euro (ex Shipping)

Absolutely no idea why the penguin is hip in jazz circles – check out: GoGo Penguin, the label Evil Penguin, ... – but brand new quintet Chasing Penguins certainly enriches that collection. In his never ending search for new collaborations, this time Verbruggen is working with Portuguese guitarist Andre Fernandes who was a member of the Lee Konitz Nonet for a while and in the band of singer Maria João. The Verbruggen/Fernandes Quintet can – with the addition of saxophonist Steven Dellanoye, pianist Nicola Andrioli and with bassist Nathan Wouters – certainly count on a dreamed of line-up.

André Fernandes (guitar)
Nicola Andrioli (piano)
Steven Dellanoye (sax)
Nathan Wouters (bass)
Teun Verbruggen (drums)

Dragao (André Fernandes)
Elon Musk Go (André Fernandes)
Uphill (Nathan Wouters)
300 pesoas (André fernandes)
Inhale (André Fernandes)
Lotus (Nathan Wouters)
Free Penguins (free improvisation)

Artwork : Steffie Van Cauter
Lay out : Peter Verbruggen


Chaos of The Haunted Spire plus Jaak dedigitale    
Live at Walter #1
CD - RAT 040

take a ride on your deepest doubts and reach your stoned catharsis - RAT 039

CD : 15 euro (ex Shipping)

Andrew ‘Chi' Claes : Sax, Ewi, handsonic and electronics
Teun Verbruggen: Drums, toys and electronics
Jaak Dedigitale : live visuals and artwork cover

Recorded by Pieterjan Seynaeve at Werkplaats Walter, February 2018
mixed and mastered by Joe Talia, Tokyo april 2018


take a ride on your deepest doubts and reach your stoned catharsis
LP - RAT 039

take a ride on your deepest doubts and reach your stoned catharsis - RAT 039

LP : 25 euro (inclusif Shipping + download code)

Five musicians, friends and brothers. Each of them with their own musical background. In Bardo they bind together their musical talents to tell a story about universal doubts, searching for identity and love in all her forms. During one uninterrupted set they find themselves in the middle of a transition- an intermediate state, in between everything. They consciously go into the unknown, in search of contrasts: minimal versus maximal sounds, electric versus acoustic instrumentation, and repetition versus variation. Soundscapes and spoken word add another dimension to the moment and drag the listener into the multi-faceted universe where rock, jazz, and other musical influences blend into a genuine story. A walk through the surface of the modern time, and yet an impression that transcendents it, with a shout of life itself.
Bardo is the graduation project of Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy at School Of Arts/ Conservatory Gent, Belgium. He received the PlayRight price at the graduation ceremony.
All members are currently very active in the contemporary rock and Jazz/impro scene of Belgium with bands like Nordmann, Steiger, Peenoise, De Beren Gieren, HAST and many more.


Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy: Keys, vocals and spoken word
Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy: Gitaar en vocals
Elias Devoldere: Drums

Lieven Van Pee: Elektrische bas en contrabas
Rob Banken: Alt Sax en basklarinet

Recorded at Bijloke Studios and Clouds Studios Ghent
Mixed by Pieterjan Coppejans at Robot Studios, Ghent
Vinyl Master by Pieter De Wagter, Equus Mastering, Brussels
CD and Digital master by Frederik De Jonghe, Jerboa Mastering, Ghent
Artwork by Titus De Sutter-Pinoy
Release w/ RAT Records, Brussels


Teun Verbruggen    
kaPsalon LP
RAT 038

On Gods and other Things - RAT 036

LP : 25 euro (inclusif Shipping)

1. Walters First
2. otto
3. MB

Recorded live at Jazz Middelheim 2014 by Roel Snellebrand
mixed and mastered by Richard Comte, Paris 2015
Teun Verbruggen : drums and objects
Jozef Dumoulin : piano
Nate Wooley : trumpet
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten : double bass

Painting : Wannes Lecompte ; layout : Peter Verbruggen
Vinyl comes with prints of three paintings of Wannes Lecompte


Impeccable Class    
Northern Escorts LP
RAT 037

On Gods and other Things - RAT 036

LP : 25 euro (inclusif Shipping)

( SIDE - A )
"Je choisis la facon dont je m'habille"

( SIDE - B )
"Le laquais doit couper les etoiles"

Thijs Troch : Synth
Jan Daelman : Sax & Violin
Teun Verbruggen : Drums & Electronics
Sigfried Burroughs : Vocals & Bass


Recorded by Nicolas Lefèvre at Sunny Side Inc. Brussels, Belgium
Performed live, February 2016
Mixing, Editing & Mastering by Joe Talia, Melbourne, Australia
Cover photo by Ian Dykmans with Myriam Clericuzi, "la femme arbre"
Artwork & Cover concept by Ian Dykmans


On Gods and other Things    
Maris CD
RAT 036

On Gods and other Things - RAT 036

CD : 15 euro (ex Shipping)

1 How´s Things
2 Absurd Abruptness
3 The Alignment of Things
4 Soon enough
5 Perception Perception
6 Oddly Satisfying

Total time: 29:39

Music and words: Mariske Broeckmeyer, autumn and winter of 2015
Recorded at Listaháskóli, Íslands , Reykjavik, Mariske Broeckmeyer
Mixing at Greenhouse Studio, Reykjavik, Paul Evans
Mastering at Elektropolis, Wemmel, Uwe Teichert
Artwork at TTVO, Tampere, Arsi Keva

On Gods and other Things
A debut album by Maris
The solo project of Belgian singer
Mariske Broeckmeyer currently based in Brussels and New-York
after spending half a year in Iceland where this album was created

My head tends to forrest itself with questions.
Wonder derived from observations on this world.
Intrigued by our timeless need for Gods and Things.
Creating tiny universes
In which their relationship shifts constantly.
A whisper-shout of little question songs,
guided by a rille, that´s only there by accident.
Or is it not?


Warped Dreamer    
RAT 035


LP : 25 euro (includes Shipping)

CD : 15 euro (ex shipping)


Arve Henriksen : Trumpet , flute , voice and electronics
Stian Westerhus : Guitar and electronics
Jozef Dumoulin : Fender Rhodes and electronics
Teun Verbruggen : Drums and electronics

artwork : Michaël Borremans
Lay out : Peter Verbruggen

Live recording by Dieter Claeys 17th of January 2015 at ‚het Bos’ , Antwerp
Mixed and mastered by Stian Westerhus November 2015
Produced by Teun Verbruggen

Warped Dreamer shares a fickle, mysterious city vibe with a few other bands these musicians are/were involved in. At the same time this project, which combines the talents of Belgian stalwarts Teun Verbruggen (drums) and Jozef Dumoulin (keyboards) with those of Norwegian experimentalists Stian Westerhus (guitar) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet), also has an entirely different identity. Free improvisation, jazz residue and electronic interventions/manipulations are woven together in an organically flowing crossover that hints at a Northern vastness and utilizes a complex inner map that guides the audience past labyrinthine panoramas, intricate textures and spontaneous interaction. As such, they incorporate both crackling, whirling walls of sound and claustrophobic whispers. Warped Dreamer looks toward the future in a way that makes the question whether it’s in or out completely irrelevant. It’s everywhere at once.

Guy Peters


The Bureau of Atomic Tourism    
Hapax Legomena /CD
RAT 034

Hapax Legomena - RAT 034

CD: 15 Euro ex shipping

VINYL: 25 Euro inclusif shipping

artwork : Walter Swennen

Teun Verbruggen : Drums
Nate Wooley : Trumpet
Jozef Dumoulin : Fender Rhodes
Andrew d’Angelo : Sax and Bassclarinet
Hilmar Jensson : Guitar
Tim Dahl : Bass

Hilsnur (Hilmar Jensson)
Eochnit (Andrew d’Angelo)
Pittles (Hilmar Jensson)
Carlientje en Haar Bootje (Jozef Dumoulin)
Ron Miles (Nate Wooley)
Numer Ology (Andrew d’Angelo)
Citrus (Tim Dahl)

recorded live may 2014 by Dieter Claes and Roel Snellebrand
edits by Pierre Vervloesem and Teun Verbruggen (with some great help of Richard Comte)
Mixed april 2015 by Joseph Branciforte (New York City)
mastered april 2015 by Nate Wood , (New York City)

produced by Teun Verbruggen


Hans Beckers    
Sonare Machina/CD
RAT 033

Sonare Machina  - RAT 033

15 Euro ex shipping

1. Eggcutterprelude 11:53
2. Papaver Interlude 6:44
3. Marche De Passeoir 9:22
4. Grasjesduet 7:10
5. Ijscoupesuite 14:10

With his sound installation ‘Sonare Machina’ sound artist and performer Hans Beckers emphasizes the aesthetics and rhythms of sound, noise and silence. Using self-made instruments, he shows how objects that are not generally considered fit to play music on can in fact become musical instruments.

Sonare Machina is an ‘orchestra of sounds’ that exists of 29 found objects with an interesting and subtle sound quality, including: egg slicers, dessert bowls, sieves, poppy seeds, dried grass, an egg cup and a French fries cutter. Each instrument is separately driven by an old switchboard relay and can be considered as a musician with an individual contribution and improvisatory style.

For these 29 musicians a score was composed in which the performer engages in a dialogue with his ‘fellow musicians’, aided by a self-made table instrument that amplifies normally inaudible sounds through a magnetic field. In a combination of composition and improvisation, a whole range of materials is being tuned and rhythmically, melodically and harmonically played. Sorare Machina is a performance in which the musician/performer plays and manipulates the installation.

“Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise.
When we ignore it, it disturbs us.
When we listen to it, we find it fascinating.
We want to capture these sounds,
to use them not as sound effects but as musical instruments.”

(John Cage)


-egg cutters
-one minute counter machine
-pedipeel machine
-electric toothbrush
-bicycle lights
-electrified wire loop machine
-centrifugal force machine
-winchester clock
-dessert bowls
-classic & electric guitar

-Poppy seeds
-desert sand
-chalk grains
-bas recorder
-electrified wire loop machine

-different models of sieves
-massage machine
-press filter of an old Italian coffeepot
-electrified wire loop machine
-electric toothbrush
-pedipeel machine
-centrifugal force machine
-dessert bowls
-electric guitar
-winchester clock

-dried grass
-metal toothbrush
-winchester clock
-static electricity
-Hungarian crickets
-electrified wire loop machine

-dessert bowls
-egg cutters
-egg cup
-french fries cutter
-dried grass
-antique whisk
-metal toothbrush
-little music box
-Hungarian birds
-all kinds of pots, bowls and bells
-electric guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, Fortstraat 35, 1040 Brussels, 2013
Recording, mixing and mastering engineer Sam Van Ryssel
Thanks to Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, Les Brasseurs, Yannick Franck and Nora Coulommier
Graphic Design: …
Artwork/etchings: Hans Beckers
Photo: Marc Adriaenssens


Elko Blijweert & Frans Van Isacker    
Atlajala Land /CD/LP
RAT 032

Atlajala Land - RAT 032

CD: 15 Euro ex shipping


Vinyl: 25 Euro (includes shipping)

Collaboration with Heaven Hotel (Rudy Trouvé and Elko Blijweert) Up until the year 2010 guitar hero Elko Blijweert and saxophone virtuoso Frans Van Isacker brought jazz music to the rocking masses as key members of Franco Saint De Bakker. Now they have joined forces again to bring us "Atlajala Land", a voyage through time and space that takes the listener from avant-garde free jazz over melancholic melodies to the sensual sounds of a late-night make-out session in an abandoned castle. What better way to present this wide-ranging musical collaboration to the people than by a unique joint venture between Teun Verbruggen's avant-jazz label Rat Records and Rudy Trouvé's all-encompassing Heaven Hotel collective? Musical references include Brian Eno, Richard Thompson, Jackie Mc Lean, Boredoms, Bach and Beethoven. However, whimsical titles such as "A Welcome Sandwich For The Dancing Bear" and "Making Out At Chourouk's Castle" tell us more about the singular sounds Blijweert and Van Isacker bring us than mere name-dropping ever could.


Chaos of the Haunted Spire    
'live @ het Bos'/LP
RAT 031

Chaos of the Haunted Spire - RAT 031

limited on numbered 200 vinyls. 25 Euro including shipping.

Andrew Claes : EWI , electronics en Sax
Teun Verbruggen : drums
Jurgen 'sickboy' Desmet : electronics
Pierre Vervloesem : Electric Bass
Mirco banovic : Electric Bass

Recorded november 2014 at 'het Bos' , Antwerp by Bram Van Houtte
Mixed and Mastered by Pierre Vervloesem
Artwork Dennis Tyfus

2. Telefoon!
3. For S.P.
4. For A.T.
5. Pinball
6. Black Bossa
7. Ruhig
8. Begrenst

comes with a downloadcode
25 euro (shipping included)

listen or download here : https://teunverbruggen.bandcamp.com

  Adrew d'Angelo Trio    
RAT 030

Stahlmus Delegation - RAT 029

Discontinued !!

  Stahlmus Delegation    
Live @ Rockerill Charleroi/Casette
RAT 029

Stahlmus Delegation - RAT 029

Cassette on 98 numbered copies.
Comes with a downloadcode.
10 Euro plus shipping

Free improvisation cassette on 98 numbered copies.


Jean DL : guitar and paintbrush
Mauro Pawlowski : Paintbrush and Guitar
Teun Verbruggen : Drums and Paint

Recorded live @ Rockerill Charleroi by Steve Dujacquier


  Chaos of the Haunted Spire    
Live At Trix/Casette
RAT 028

Chaos of the Haunted Spire - RAT 028

Limited on 75 numbered cassettes.
Comes with a downloadcode.
10 Euro plus shipping

Limited Casette from 'Chaos of The Haunted Spire’
Selection of a free trashjazzfreedub improvisation concert at Trix , Antwerp


Teun verbruggen : drums , electronics
Andrew Claes : Ewe , tenorsax , plastic sax and electronics

Guests :
Sickboy Milcplus : electronics
Pierre Vervloesem : bass


Tracklisting :
1. Djez
2. Schpluf
3. CRJyz
4. 123 piano

Recorded live @ Trix May 2012
mixed - edited - mastered by Pierre Vervloesem


  Vansina Orchestra    
Morning Forest aka Nose up Bottom down/CD
RAT 027

Morning Forest - RAT 027

15 Euro plus shipping

1. Dark Night (10:31)
2. Fiesta Festivo (12:31)
3. Morning Forest aka Nose Up Bottom Down (5:21)
4. Ploink (11:31)
5. Groove Along (13:09)
6. Symphony Of The Fried Bananas (8:45)
7. Bike Insprivation (11:11)

All songs written by Bruno Vansina.
Tracks 1, 5, 7 arranged by Dree Peremans.
Track 2 arranged by Bruno Vansina and Dree Peremans.
Track 4 arranged by Bruno Vansina.

Bruno Vansina (alto saxophone), Christian Mendozza (piano), Bert Cools (guitar), Stefan Lievestro (bass), Teun Verbruggen (drums)

Personnel on tracks 1,2,4,5,7
Malik Mezzadri (flute), John Ruocco (clarinet & tenor saxophone), Kristien Cueppens (oboe), Kensuka Taira (bassoon), Bart Indevuyst (french horn), Steven Dellanoy (tenor saxophone), Wietse Meys (tenor saxophone & clarinet), Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Jeroen Van Malderen (trumpet & flugelhorn), Frederik Heirman (trombone), Tom Verschoren (trombone, bass trombone & euphonium), Kobe Proesmans (percussion on tracks 2, 4, 5)

Recorded by Walter de Niel on January 29, 30 & 31, 2014 at Studio Toots, VRT, Brussels.
Mixed by Walter de Niel and Bruno Vansina on February 18, 19, 20, 21 & March 5, 2014 at Studio Toots, VRT, Brussels.
Mastered by Uwe Teichert on March 27 at Elektropolis, Wemmel.
Artwork by Bruno Vansina and Katrien Vandergooten.
Additional artwork and layout by Afreux, Antwerpen.


"Ain't heard this brand of madness before. It was so much fun doing it! " -John Ruocco

Bruno Vansina (38) has been active in the Belgian scene for some years now. He's regularly seen with his own projects Vansina-Verbruggen-Gudmundsson trio, Vansina Quartet (ft. Steve Nelson) as well as other bands like Rebirth Collective and Flat Earth Society.

This new project features the 'Bruno Vansina Quintet' and a large horn ensemble. The music consists of compositions by Bruno Vansina arranged for large ensemble by Dre Peremans (Rebirth Collective), a young talented Belgian composer, arranger and trombonist. For his arrangements he gets to work with a full colour pallet: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, 2 tenors, 1 alto, 2 trumpets and 2 trombones plus a large rhythm section: piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. A total of no less than 17 musicians!

Bruno's choice of horns for the large ensemble is reminiscent of Gil Evans/Porgy And Bess and of Charles Mingus/Mingus Mingus Mingus. And more recent inspiration derived from Wayne Shorter's recordings on 'Alegria' and his collaboration with the 'Imani Woodwind Ensemble'.

The music drives on grooves that appeal to Steve Coleman but also brings to memory the modal music of John Coltrane. Written in a intuitive way yet rhythmically quite evolved, it focuses heavily on color, atmosphere and contrast. The compositions have a worldly feel to them, at times exotic and meditative, like mantras. This feeling is amplified by the beautiful playing of Kobe Proesman on percussion and above all Magic Malik’s (FR) flute playing, largely featured on the newly recorded 'Morning Forest aka Nose up Bottom down - RAT 027'.

Let's not forget to mention the amazing and unique clarinet playing of John Ruocco (USA), featured on the opening track 'Dark Night' and more fantastic improvisation by Steven Delannoy, Carlo Nardozza, Christian Mendoza, Bert Cools ....


  Teun Verbruggen - Trevor Dunn    
Department of Entomology/CD/LP
RAT 026

Department of Entomology - RAT 026

15 Euro plus shipping

Limited 250 numbered vinyl.
25 Euro shipping included.

1. Notable Screens of Death
2. O. Orkin’s Insect Zoo
3. Spinning Jenny
4. Devil’s Darning Needles
5. Bug of The Week
6. Harvard Mark N
7. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
8. White Trash Nurses
9. Hymenoptera Spheciade


Trevor Dunn: Double bass
Teun Verbruggen: drums and electronics


All music free improvised
Artwork by Arpaïs Dubois
Lay out: Peter Verbruggen
Recorded at AB studio’s by Staf Verbeeck 2008
Mixed by Werner Pensaert 2013
Mastered by Toon de Quant 2013


  The Bureau of Atomic Tourism    
Spinning Jenny/CD
RAT 025

Spinning Jenny - RAT 025

Limited on 1000 handmade copies.
First 250 signed and numbered.
20 Euro plus shipping

1. Back To My Steel (Nate Wooley)
2. Canon (Marc Ducret)
3. 19 (Jozef Dumoulin)
4. FTDOY (Andrew d'Angelo)
5. Blues de L'ombre (Marc Ducret)
6. Aquatique (Marc Ducret)


Teun Verbruggen: drums and elektronics
Andrew d'Angelo: altsax and bassclarinet
Nate Woole : trumpet
Jozef Dumoulin: fender rhodes
Marc Ducret: guitar
Jasper Stadhouders: bass

Artwork and packaging: Helène Glowinski
Eecorded live april 2013 at AMR Genève except Canon (Recyclart, Brussels) and Back To My stel (Ermitage, Paris)
Recorded by Dieter Claeys
Mix and Master: Richard Comte
Produced by Teun Verbruggen


  The Evil Art Contest    
The Evil Art Contest/CD/LP
RAT 024

The Evil Art Contest - RAT 024

15 Euro plus shipping

Limited vinyl version on 250 copies.
50 special editions available on request.
25 Euro including shipping.

1. Shanna the Fairy Queen
2. Commission BlitzPonX
3. If I loose it's all your Fault
4.Size M. Dump
5. if you see any errors please inform me
6. Watersoup
7. Ruby Rose
8. My Flexible Friend (homage for mastercard)


Teun Verbruggen: drums & electronics
Marc Ducret: guitar
Nate Wooley: trumpet

Recorded at Sunny Side Inc Studio's , Anderlecht - Nicolas Lefèvre, april 2013.
All music is free improvised. Mixed and mastered - Richard Comte, november 2013. Produced by Teun verbruggen and Richard Comte. Artwork and graphic concept - Vincent Fortemps & FXT.


  The Bureau of Atomic Tourism    
RAT 023

Scintigraphy - RAT 023

This LP is part of a special offer

Limited edition vinyl on 250 copies.
25 Euro shipping included.

Original artwork by Pierre Alechinsky.
20 editions with original etching ‚Spire’ of Pierre Alechinsky signed and numbered I - XX by the artist. Available on request.

Side 1
1. BooBeeBooBeeBee
2. Meg Nem Sa

side 2
1. part 1
2. part 2

*Special vinyl edition of some of Andrew’s themes recorded on "second law of thermodynamics”


Andrew d'Angelo: Sax and bassclarinet
Nate Wooley: Trumpet
Marc Ducret: Guitar
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes
Teun Verbruggen: drums , toys and electronics



  Fight Eat Sleep    
Too Noisy Fish/CD
RAT 022

Fight Eat Sleep - RAT 022

15 Euro exclusif shipping.

1. Bring It Home/Oh God 7:53
2. In Dust We Trust 5:45 3) Necrophilogy 8:08
4. Defenstration 3:47
5; PTMA 9:42
6. Turkish Laundry 7:31
7. Slow B 6:12
8. Jazz Invaders 6:12
9. Segmented 6:10
10. Fast B 2:02
11. Watch the Dark 6:45


Peter Vandenberghe: Piano
Kristof Rosseeuw: Accoustic bass
Teun Verbruggen: Drums


Too Noisy Fish is breaking new boundaries. The pianotrio with double bass and drums explores in total freedom any style or inspiration: jazz, film, classic, ambient, experimental or rock. TNF, being also the rhythm section of the slightly deranged Belgian big band Flat Earth Society, is now completely on the loose. They chose The Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, California to record their second CD 'Fight Eat Sleep', with Oz Fritz pushing the buttons. Oz Fritz is best known for his work as a producer for Tom Waits, but has also been working with Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Herbie Hancock, Ornette Coleman, Iggy Pop, Bob Marley and many others. The result is a no bullshit recording straight to tape: no edits, no overdubs.


  The Bureau of Atomic Tourism    
Arco Idaho/LP
RAT 021

Second Law of Thermodynamics - RAT 021

This LP is part of a special offer.

On 500 copies.
25 Euro including shipping

Side A
1.Corollaries of the decay laws
2.-1/ (Ω (E)) ∑y Y Ωy(E)

Side B
1.The nuclear medicine hepatobiliary scan
2.Law of Entropy


Andrew d'Angelo: Sax and bassclarinet
Nate Wooley: Trumpet
Marc Ducret: Guitar
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes
Teun Verbruggen: Drums , percussion and Labtop

'....good luck finding an appropriate genre label for Teun Verbruggen’s Bureau Of Atomic Tourism. While the sextet delves headfirst into abstract free improvisation that abandons all conventional takes on musical notions such as melody, harmony and rhythm at one point, you witness them raging like a well-oiled outfit with years of experience the next. The front section of Andrew d’Angelo (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) and Nate Wooley (trumpet) covers the entire stylistic range from muscular solos to extended techniques, and is often joined by guitarist Marc Ducret, who makes his instrument sing mysteriously, places poignant accents or rages with an equal eagerness. Initially the unpredictable improv may sound like an abstract sound poem, but this switches quickly to first dazzling freak-outs in the New York avant-garde tradition or even throbbing fusion with a nod to Miles Davis’ electric era, before ultimately arriving at muscular jazzrock in the vein of The Lounge Lizards and Belgium’s X-Legged Sally, with ultra-tight themes, subtly introduced electronics and turbulent dynamics. And what to think of the unstoppable groove of the Dunn/Verbruggen rhythm section and the musical action painting of Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes? What could have either been a failed jump into the deep end or a haphazard performance with the handbrakes on, here leads to a powerful achievement, executed with discipline and the will to incorporate the outer edges of improvised music....'


  The Bureau of Atomic Tourism    
Second Law of Thermodynamics/CD
RAT 020

Second Law of Thermodynamics - RAT 020

This cd is part of a special offer.

15 Euro plus shipping.

1. Corollaries of the decay laws
2. BooBeeBooBeeBee
3. Morthana part 1
4. Morthana Part 2
5. -1/ (Ω (E)) ∑y Y Ωy(E)
6. Meg Nem Sa
7. Law of Entropy


Andrew d'Angelo : Sax and bassclarinet
Nate Wooley : Trumpet
Marc Ducret : Guitar
Trevor Dunn : Bass
Jozef Dumoulin : Fender Rhodes
Teun Verbruggen : Drums , percussion and Labtop

Recorded live @ Paradox Tilburg 16/11/2011 by Dieter Claeys
Mixed and Mastered by Richard Comte january 2013
Artwork by Vincent Glowinski

'....good luck finding an appropriate genre label for Teun Verbruggen’s Bureau Of Atomic Tourism. While the sextet delves headfirst into abstract free improvisation that abandons all conventional takes on musical notions such as melody, harmony and rhythm at one point, you witness them raging like a well-oiled outfit with years of experience the next. The front section of Andrew d’Angelo (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) and Nate Wooley (trumpet) covers the entire stylistic range from muscular solos to extended techniques, and is often joined by guitarist Marc Ducret, who makes his instrument sing mysteriously, places poignant accents or rages with an equal eagerness. Initially the unpredictable improv may sound like an abstract sound poem, but this switches quickly to first dazzling freak-outs in the New York avant-garde tradition or even throbbing fusion with a nod to Miles Davis’ electric era, before ultimately arriving at muscular jazzrock in the vein of The Lounge Lizards and Belgium’s X-Legged Sally, with ultra-tight themes, subtly introduced electronics and turbulent dynamics. And what to think of the unstoppable groove of the Dunn/Verbruggen rhythm section and the musical action painting of Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes? What could have either been a failed jump into the deep end or a haphazard performance with the handbrakes on, here leads to a powerful achievement, executed with discipline and the will to incorporate the outer edges of improvised music....'


  Lynn Cassiers    
the bird the fish and the ball/CD
RAT 019

the bird the fish and the ballk - RAT 019

15 Euro plus shipping.

1. mtv
2. Cookies for Jack
3. Klapdance
4. Rose
5. The Juggler
6. Night Out of a Weirdo's Mind
7. Telefonie
8. Isn't Life Funny, John?
9. When You Walk With Me
10. Pling Pling
11. March of the Moderate


Lynn Cassiers ; voice, fx,objects, toyrealistic
Steven Cassiers ; mix
Uwe Teichtert ; master
Istar Karamemet ; graphic design
Music, lyrics and drawings by Lynn Cassiers

the bird the fish and the ball is the name under which Lynn Cassiers (Tape Cuts Tape, Lidlboj, Octurn, Basic Borg) has been perfoming solo. Those performances used to be an exuse to improvise with bits of lyrics, out of control gotten soundscapes and left over ideas for songs. In september 2011, she pulled back in a cosy rooftop room to turn that playground for voice, machines and word into a record.The result is a world made out of toykeys, marbels, ashtrays and other objects, wherein characters as Rose, Jack, John or Louise tell the stories of their life. Call it ambient songs in a mix of pop, experiment and jazz . Or sonic pictures for slow listening.


  Richard Comte    
RAT 018

Innermap - RAT 018

25 Euro including shipping.

Richard Comte: guitar

InnerMap is a project dealing with the perception and representation of physical space. The memory of towns and cities - and the quasi-organic nature of their networks with their ebb and flow - are central to the work, acting as a metaphor for an internal, mental, cartography.
In this way, the performance of improvised music for guitar offers a succession of interconnected sonic landscapes. Powerful and overwhelming electrical drones saturate the environment; acoustic resonances liberate and open the space to new colours which enable an internal unfolding, a sensitive and immersive sonic experience.


  Henriksen, Teun verbruggen    
Black Swan/CD/LP
RAT 017

Fast Easy Sick - RAT 014

15 Eurp plu shipping.

limited edition 300 vynil.
25 Euro including shipping.

1. AHOB 1
2. Fridge Detective B.
3. Site Q1/B
4. Boxgrove Home Page
5. Fresh Air Inspector
6. Black Swan (for Allowin)
7. Bryggen
8. Sweet Marrowbone
9. Babyflock N.
10. Orange
11. Mystery


Arve Henriksen, trumpet
Teun verbruggen, drums

Mix : Eric Honoré
Master : Helge Sten
artwork : Rob Musters , Peter Verbruggen.


  Chaos Of the haunted Spire    
Book 1/CD
RAT 016

Fast Easy Sick - RAT 014

15 euro plus shipping.

1. Duke Bound by the Ever-changing Marsh
2. Forgotten Inquisitor That Rules in the Manse and is Immersed in Enchantment
3. The Grandfather of Perfection and Snares
4. The Fourth Vermillion King Who Steals Dissolution
5. Screaming Duke
6. The Courageous Dark Bodyguard Who Steals the Traitor
7. Eighth Infernal Sultanna of Enchantments and Magnificence
8. Third Blasphemous Grandfather That Gambles in the Titanic Pit
9. The Infamous Wicked Sleeper Who Betrays Fortune
10. Voulge of Bronze
11. Clock of Thunder
12. Perfection of the Purple Temple
13. The Angry Tsar with Eyes of Turquoise Who Abandoned the Ensorceled Citadel
14. The Seventh Wicked Hero of Atrocity and Magnificence
15. Javelin of the Tunnels
16. OK dan


Andrew Chi Claes: Sax , Labtop
Teun Verbruggen: drums Labtop

Pierre Vervloesem : Editing, Mixing and mastering
Nachi : artwork


  Bruno Vansina Quartet ft. Steve Nelson    
WERF 105/ RAT 015

Stratocluster - RAT 015

15 Euro + shipping

STRATOCLUSTER is a co production between RAT Records and W.E.R.F. It has catalogus number WERF 105, it does not say on the cd but it is also in the RAT catalgue as RAT 015.

1. Stratocluster (Vansina)
2. Song Of Kwong (Vansina)
3. Kama Sama Rama (Vansina)
4.Kama Special (Vansina)
5. Natrium (Vansina)
6. Walter's Verjaardagsshow (Cools)
7. Crazeology (Vansina)


Bruno Vansina, sax alto
Steve Nelson, vibraphone
Bert Cools, electric guitar
Jos MAchtel, double bass
Teun verbruggen, drums

Mixed and recorded by Mike Marciano, System Two, Brooklin, 03/2012.
Artwork by Laurant Impeduglia.


  Too Noisy Fish    
Fast Easy Sick/CD
RAT 014

Fast Easy Sick - RAT 014

15 Euro + shipping

1) 13 Potatoes 6:05 (Peter Vandenberghe)
2) Amen Yourself/Ultratonic 5:17 (Peter Vandenberghe)
3) Black Keys, White Keys: What's the difference, they All end Up The Same 4:45 (Peter Vandenberghe)
4) Curly Wurly Napoleon 6:46 (Peter Vandenberghe)
5) Bread? Shade! She? Me ... 4:00 (Peter Vandenberghe)
6) Fish That Sing Can't Swim 3:27 (Peter Vandenberghe)
7) There's Lots Of Us 3:06 (Peter Vandenberghe/Pierre Vervloesem)
8) Sick Jazz 3:56 (Peter Vandenberghe)
9) TBC (To Be Cancelled) 3:23 (Peter Vandenberghe)
10) The Sky Is Falling 4:42 (Josh Homme/Nick Oliveri)
11) Latin Laundry 5:44 (Peter Vandenberghe)


Peter Vandenberghe, piano
Kristof Roseeuw, bass
Teun Verbruggen, drums

Recorded by Chris Weeda.
Mixed and mastered by Pierre Vervloesem.
Artwork by Emily Holemans.

More info on www.toonoisyfish.be.


  animus anima    
qu’est-ce que tu crois ?/CD
RAT 013

Etienne Plumer, batterie, perc.
Pascal Rousseau, tuba, fuzz tuba
Benoist Eil, 220V guit.
Nicolas Ankoudinoff, t.& s. saxes, compositions

qu’est-ce que tu crois ? - RAT 013

« Il n’y a de poésie [de musique] vivante que si l’on crée un poème [une musique] nouveau. Si la poésie [la musique] ne se renouvelle pas, c’est une poésie [une musique] morte.» Adonis

Après un premier cd très remarqué (voir ‘Press’ sur www.animusanima.be), le groupe animus anima(aa) continue sa route. Si on pouvait dire que les émotions dominantes du premier album ‘Le Bénéfice du Doute’ étaient la colère et l’héroïsme, dans ‘Qu’est-ce que tu crois ?’, le quartet continue l’exploration de l’âme humaine avec cette fois évoqués le mysticisme et l’érotisme. Le style est plus charnel mais tout aussi énergique. L’aspect narratif ou musique à programme des morceaux semble devenir une marque de fabrique de aa.


  Othin Spake    
Live At Archiduc/CD-R
RAT 112

Teun Verbruggen/drums
Jozef Dulmoulin/rhodes
Mauro Pawlowski/guitar

March 2005 drummer Teun Verbruggen (Jef Neve trio, Flat Earth Society...) invited the eccentric guitar player Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS,Somnambula) and piano-Rhodes wizard Jozef Dumoulin (Mäâk Spirit, Magic Malik, Octurn...) to play a single session at Archiduc (a legendary bar in Brussels) based on pure improvisation. The result left most people wondering how to cathegorize what they had just heard and landed them gigs in Jazz Middelheim, the Petrol and the Flanders Jazz Meeting during which Othin Spake was the most controversial band causing a debate whether this was Jazz at all. Othin Spake released this CD-R as a document of that session. It contains the first set (since the second got lost in digital worlds. It's there somewhere!) Recorded By Julien Pascal, Mixed and Mastered by Pierre Vervloesem 2008.

Do-it-yourself artwork available soon. Enjoy! 10 Euro (exclusif shippin costs).


The Black Napkins/CD
RAT 012

Sanne van Hek/trumpet & voice
Jasper Stadhouders/guitar
Gerri Jager/drums

The Black Napkins - RAT 012

NEWS: The Black Napkins first cd release! Enthusiastic people can already order a copy via theblacknapkins@gmail.com.

Old news: The Black Napkins are chosen to participate in the Young VIPs Tour 2009. They will play a series of double-bills, with the winner of this years Dutch Jazz Competition throughout venues in the Netherlands. more info on www.youngvips.nl
The music on this page:
are free improvisations - partly taken from their debute release "The Black Napkins" on Rat Records (RAT 012) an partly music played live on NPS radio6 Hilversum.
"The Black Napkins are an astounding home-grown trio and one of the finest acts that we see all weekend. Their initial forays are insectoid scrabbles, scratchy fragments - drummer Gerri Jäger scrapes at his skins, pulling out a chain, finger nails and a coffee foamer from an arsenal of sound generators. Jasper Stadhouders clicks, chops, strikes and dampens and cuts every noise short on his guitar the instant it happens whilst also brandishing a variety of found objects. On trumpet, Sanne van Hek initially blows so gently as to be almost inaudible. Black Napkins truly play their instruments, every part becoming a source of sound. Amongst all the itchyiness, though, everything coalesces and they get right on one; a solid beat and huge blocks of noise that always startle after the quiet that gave rise to them. Yeah, it's jazz if you want to call it that but you could call it many other things and be partly right but still never get there. They are the first of three acts at Sounds who play with such an astonishing preternatural and democratic understanding of each other that this single afternoon could justify the trip here by itself." (Drowned in Sound review, ZXZW Festival september 2008)
"Door de eigenzinnige karakters, achtergronden en kwaliteiten zijn de mogelijkheden oneindig en een karakter ontwikkelt zich, wel of niet, gestaag. Toch doet de boeiende variatie mij uitkijken naar het uiteindelijke resultaat, omdat deze band in ontwikkeling een zeer boeiende kan worden." (Tim Sprangers, jazzenzo, januari 2007)
"The Black Napkins (feat. Jozef Dumoulin) zorgden voor een intens luisteravontuur, dat ze succesvol wisten af te ronden met een door henzelf afgedwongen en door het publiek gewenste toegift." "Zonder zichzelf bepaalde patronen op te leggen en grenzen te stellen, drijven ze op hun intuïtie en zoeken welbewust het avontuur met intense improvisaties ." (Maarten van de Ven-Draai om je Oren , online jazz magazine review optreden JATC Einhoven februari 2008)
"Genoemd naar een Frank Zappa nummer. Met een mix van allerlei mogelijke invloeden en een solide jazz achtergrond representeren zij een nieuwe scene van jonge Nederlandse improviserende musici. Het is geen jazz-jazz. Het is niet impro-impro. Het is geen pop band die 'arty' pretenties heeft. Het is Gerri Jaeger op drums, Jasper Stadhouders op gitaar en Sanne van Hek op trompet. (aankondiging in het programma van ZXZW Festival 2008)
To contact us please send an e-mail to theblacknapkins@gmail.com


  Bruno Vansina    
RAT 011

Bruno Vansina/vocals, saxes, flute, keys, guitar, loops
Gilles Mortiuax/guitar, vocals
Peter Vandenberghe/keys
Pierre Vervloesem/bass
Teun Verbruggen/drums

From "Projection of a Direction" (5:10) : 'I'm on a motercicle with a screaming engine and jump over 20 cars in fire with a superman cape, meanwhile a goldon dragon flyes by and I shoot it in the eye with my giagantic hand cannon. The dragone says .... 'Hey man, what's wrong with you?' but leaves me -much to my lukck- alone. Anyways, he would not have followed where I am going. Landing on the ground fire comes from underneed the huge, growling machien underneed me. The fire transformes into beautiful flowers. When they open, beautyfull women are in it. In close up we see they are actualy hiddious insects. They start to fly and land on my guitar I was holding and playing during the entire scene. When they walk on the neck of the guitar they move the golden strings and it makes a guitar solo so gigantic as I have never heard in my life. White devine light comes from behind and the insects disapear in my ears nostrils and ass! I'm surounded by light with the superman cape and I sing 'I CAN FEEL YOU ... ' Next thing I now a TV screen explodes. Glass flyes around but I dodge it. It seems the light gave me devine capabilitys. Nothing can stop me anymore. I walk out the door into the street. There is no light but I can see everhything clear as in daylight. Much to my surprice I hear music of incredible power. I look around and see a bandstand with four musicians playing increadalbe music. I have shivers on my back and realise the play my music. My music! A see a empty place on the stage and the guitar player waves at me holding my guitar with golden strings. I take it from him and hit the strings. A howling sound.'



  Os Meus Shorts    
os meus shorts/CD
RAT 010

Nico Roig - guitar and objects
Joachim badenhorst - sax and objects

Os Meus Shorts are the short pants we wear on holidays. On summer or in warm places. They'll be the testimonies of big discoverings, fleeting love or a true one, new countries, mysterious places around the corner, nonsense relationships, long trips by car, boat or tramway, picnics, mushy movies or good ones, amazing fruit salads,etc...whatever you could put in an audible travel notebook.




  Binary Orchid    
RAT 009

Gulli Gudmundsson/bass
Arve Hendriksen/tp, voices, electr.
Wolfert Brederode/piano, melodica

BINARY ORCHID: Radioactivity


  Othin Spake    
Child Of Deseption And Skill/CD
RAT 008, Glasvochtrecords

Teun Verbruggen/drums
Mauro Pawlowski/guitar
Jozef Dumoulin/rodes

OTHIN SPAKE NEW ALBUM OUT 15TH OF MAY 2008 (www.ratrecords.biz ; www.glasvochtrecords.com)

The music on "Child of Deception and Skill" was recorded at the very beginning of the band's existence and is released as a document of how the band played at that time. The music on the record is a full improvisation and is put on the record as it was played. The incredible sound comes from producer-musician-soundman Pierre Vervloesem (X-Legged Sally, FES, PVTV and producer of numerous cd's and bands). He mixed and mastered march 2008. The sleeve of the record is a design by Filip Gheysen, the cd packaging a design of Peter Verbruggen and the infosheet a design by Teun Verbruggen.
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 12 Euros (excluding sending)

  VVG trio & guests    
Tokio Quantize/CD
RAT 007

Bruno Vansina/sax
Magic Malik/flute & vocals
Jozef Dumoulin/rodes & piano
Gulli Gudmundsson/bass
Teun Verbruggen/drums

TOKIO QUANTIZE and other magic songs by the vansina verbruggen gudmunddson trio ft. magic malik & jozef dumoulin live at zuiderpershuis antwerp 23 march 2007 RAT 007.


With some bands, it just needs to be moving. And we aren't talking about beats per minute, nor about fierce finger snapping, but rather about a sense of urgency. A compulsion to make music together, to plan, to record and right now, if you please, or accidents will happen. The trio of Bruno Vansina - sax, Teun Verbruggen - drums and Gulli Gudmundsson - bass is one of those. The CD 'Trio Music' of one of their first concerts was recorded in 2005. From the very beginning, it was a quest for their own sound, by means of classics, own compositions and free improvisation. Something like that is called 'growing up in public'. An intense inquisitiveness drove them to aim high: in 2005 they created Double Trio - a confrontation between a jazz trio and three dancers -, with the internationally renowned dance company Rosas. A year later they were on tour with the Fender-Rhodes mammoth Jozef Dumoulin (who plays with the trio at the Flemish Jazz Meeting 2007 as guest) and Magic Malik, who got himself noticed on St-Germain's Boulevard. And, as it becomes this band, the tour resulted in a live album 'In Orbit'. Gradually, with an almost oppressive simplicity and, above all else, with lots of guts they fling themselves wholeheartedly into exhilarating improvisation. That requires nerve but also knowledge.
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 15 Euros (excluding sending)

  Red Rocket    
RAT 006

Simon Jermyn/guitar
Joachim Badenhorst/t sax & clarinets
Sean Carpio/drums

Red Rocket are from Ireland and Belguim. They live in Dublin and Brussels. They first played together in Holland a few years ago.They made a wonderful record called "Mitten" at the top of a tower in a forest near Antwerp. It's out on now on RAT records. They all play in lots of bands and do lots of things and have their own myspace pages.
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 15 Euros (excluding sending).
Juanita K/CD
RAT 005

Toine Theys/tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Laurant Blandiau/trumpey, flugelhorn
Bart Maris/trumpet
François Verrue/bass
Benjamin Clement/accoustic- electric- & steel guitars
Teun Verbruggen/drums

Special guests:
Sacha Toorop/vocals
Delphine Gardin/vocals

« JUANITA K », RACKHAM's first album will be released on 08 December 2006 in Benelux under the label R.A.T. (AMG). For this project the saxophone player Toine Thys gathered a group of musicians particularly heterogeneous. A successful mix with Laurent Blondiau and Bart Maris on trumpet, Teun Verbruggen on drums, Benjamin Clement on guitar, and François Verrue on bass. « JUANITA K » is also the beginning of a new adventure for the band with two Belgian singers: Delphine Gardin (Monsoon) and Sacha Toorop (Zop Hopop). Few bands manage to merge as many diverse influences to create such an accessible and particular music. Artists like Calexico, Tortoise, The Brian Blade Fellowship or Radiohead inspired RACKHAM for "JUANITA K". Made of improvisations, sometimes mariachi-like, instrumental tracks and songs, a very rock energy, RACKHAM's music is a free satellite in the Jazz-Pop-Rock-Ethnoworldish galaxy.
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 15 Euros (excluding sending).
  Othin Spake    
The Ankh/CD
RAT 004

Teun Verbruggen/drums
Mauro Pawlowski/guitar
Jozef Dumoulin/rodes

About The Ankh:
"The record is finally getting ready. It's going to be a first part from a trilogy of live recordings. The record is gonna be named "The Ankh" and is a part from the petrol live gig and one tune of archiduc sessions. These were musically fantastic gigs, that's why I chose them. Petrol is really a very intense gig with lots of darkness and stuff in the music. We had a very rough time mixing since the sound quality of the recording was really bad! Christine Verschorren tried to restore the original sound quality of our trio using all kinds of very old Vintage amplifiers and effects. The problem of "gated" drums, compressed sound and broken amplifiers is solved until the point it was possible. The music sounds great but happily for the next albums the basic recording is better." -Teun Verbruggen
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 8 Euros (excluding sending).
  VVG trio    
In Orbit/2CD
RAT 002/003

Bruno Vansina/sax
Teun Verbruggen/drums
Gulli Gudmundsson/bass

Special guests:
Jozef Dumoulin/rodes & rodes
Magic Malik/flute & vocals

As a trio, Bruno Vansina (alto, soprano), Gulli Gudmundsson (from Iceland, bass) and Teun Verbruggen (drums) started out playing bop, then progressively opened up to more improvised music. In Orbit is the VVG Trio's second album, a two-CD affair. The first CD, a studio record, allows the group to flaunt its togetherness and combination of improvisation and melody. The second CD is live, with pianist Jozef Dumoulin and flutist Magic Malik sitting in. Neither knew the music and hearing them learn it in real time is fascinating, as they don't hesitate to push the trio around a bit. So there's a good balance between studio perfection and on-the-job rough edges.
The second CD is also a too-rare opportunity to hear Dumoulin on acoustic piano. The Archiduc's has a real jazz club piano tuning (as defined by Eric Dolphy's 5 Spot albums), but Dumoulin's work on Fender Rhodes has made him a real expert at texture, and he gets some nice ones here.
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 15 Euros (excluding sending).
  VVG trio    
Trio Music/CD
RAT 001

Bruno Vansina/sax
Teun Verbruggen/drums
Gulli Gudmundsson/bass

The cooperation between Bruno Vansina (saxes) and Teun Verbruggen (drums) makes the pivot of this trio that was formed at the conservatory of Brussels in 1996. They got their initial inspiration from the trio recordings of Sonny Rollins 'Live At The Village Vanguard'. The music of Miles Davis Sextet with John Coltrane and Canonball Adderley, and the music of Chet Baker had it's influence as well. In 2003 Gulli Gudmundsson (bass) joined the band and was an immediate enrichment. Existing compositions by Bruno Vansina were a starting point along with some standards and originals. This repertory became more and more expanded, it deepened and got tested by their urge to experiment. Little by little, free- and collective improvisation found it's way into the music. A very personal playing style developed and more and more perfected. This trio does not play like anybody else and it has it's own story to tell. The debut reording of the band is Trio Music . This CD contains a selection of ten ´live´ concert-recordings made in Buster jazz club (Antwerp) between September and December 2003. This CD was released on 8. Sep 2004 in Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen before an euphoric audience.
Nearly 60 minutes of music. Packaged in jewelcase. We sell it for 8 Euros (excluding sending).

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