Below you can discover a fine selection of melodies I once recorded, accompanied by photographs or other artworks.

Corrosive Motions On Acid Earth
~ All Along The Watertower ~

2017-2018 - a collection of acidized tracks. This series of electronic melodies was recorded at Studio Tollywood for the LemonLife Project. While taking a look at the cover art, you'll notice lemons and -of course- watertowers, because both go very well together. (you might have noticed I've been photographing a lot of watertowers lately...)
Caution: apart from the TB-303 bleeps, some tracks may contain guitars, sweet loungy licks and discrete background grooves. All Along The Watertower has to be played in the right track sequence to have the best effect.
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Lost Perceptions From This Point Of View
~ Melodies From The Past ~

2016 - a contemporary series of soundscapes from a while ago.
Let me go back to 2004 where I recorded a few stand-alone melodies that I put somewhere on a harddisk. A decade later they seemed to feel so nostalgic to me that I rearranged them into songs. I also added some new melodies and for each track I added a photo to emphasise the mood of it. For some of them it was the other way around where I had a photo and arranged a melody for it.
Caution: this series contains non-professional material as it was recorded with crappy software and my technical music skills are quite low, but for some reason I liked doing it and wanted to share for people who care. As I was working on this project, I didn't mean to create an album, it grew organically. Obviously, the sequence of tracks is very important as the whole set tells the story. My personal favourites are Katajanokka, † Yonlu and Pendolino.
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