Lost Perceptions From This Point Of View

Hello again!

Let me share you some new stuff I'm currently working on.
There's lot's of photos I've been putting online lately, in the past years...
Some say, a photo can tell you a thousands of words, but sometimes, I think a few of them are really missing some necessary surrounding audio. Reminds me of the old slide projector shows with background music.

That's why I've been starting to record some soundscapes, as an additional layer of memories from the past.
Each track comes along with one photograph.
A good reason to pick up my guitar again and start recording some ideas, combining hobbies altogether.

Currently it's still unfinished. As you see, lots of tracks need to be added. Some will be removed again.
I'm putting new stuff online every now and then when I have some time to work on it. My head is always plenty of new ideas coming up.
However, my current situation is quite busy with lots of other top priorities poppin' in. Can't guarantee I'll add something the next coming year.
So stay tuned!

If you ever happen to feel the need to cooperate, adding drum tracks or keys, write/sing/modeling, working together creating a time-lapse video,... please do connect!
- b -

Download the album on Bandcamp!

e-mail: brusselswafeltje at hotmail dot com