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Café Highlander

Stadswaag 21 Antwerp Belgium

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Antwerp's only Scottish pub since 1988

A short history of the pub's location

Stadswaag noordkant

Since March 2014, the pub is located in the house ' Stadswaag 21'.The house is on one of the most beautiful squares in Antwerp. A beautiful place surrounded by magnificently restored 16th-century façades.

Stadswaag and area are a protected city view since 18th of June 1986.

Gilbert Schoonbeke This historic square was created in 1547-1548 at the initiative and under the leadership of Gilbert van Schoonbeke, owner of several breweries and weigher.

Waaggebouw-Stadswaag He builded in the center of the square the ‘Waag’ for the weighing of goods but also to stock goods and calibrating weights.

Already in 1570 there is a mention of the 1st building on the 't Gulde Schaep Stadswaag. But in 1615, there is the 1st mention of the house called 't Gulde Schaep ( The Golden Sheep ). The houses on and around the Stadswaag were mainly inhabited by wealthy merchants.

The current property formerly consisted of two separate houses. A house on the corner of Stadswaag (now No. 21) and a house next to it in the Raapstraat (No. 24).

In 1808 a planning permission was granted to change the façade (Raapstraat) into one and replace the 2 topgables with a new roof parallel to the Raapstraat.

Raapstraat 24, 1808 Raapstraat 24

On the night of August 25, 1873 lightning hit in the weigh house 'Stadswaag' and the raging fire destroyed the entire building.

On the night of August 24, 1914 a German Zeppelin dropped bombs on the Stadswaag.

Stadswaag 1914

Also on the front side of the Stadswaag (21) a lot of changes were made, e.g. in 1919.

Stadswaag 21, 1919

This was followed by several changes of windows, doors and alterations to the inside.

It was in 1993 that the new and current owner decided to thoroughly restore and renovate the property. Eventually 't Gulde Schaep got back its original glory.

Stadswaag 21, 1994 Stadswaag 21, 1994

The property has had many destinations. In the City Archives of Antwerp you can find the following licenses:

- In 1894 for a cartwright
- In 1926 for a workhouse for a lock-maker stove with forge
- In 1937 for a carpentry
- In 1938 for a storage place for 1,000 kg of lubricating oils and greases
- In 1954 for a coffee house (basement bar) where dancing is allowed. Dancing Tempelier

It was in 1954 to mid-1980 that "'t Gulde Schaep" became known as the dancing the 'Tempelier'.

Café Angelique Next, the exploitation of a cozy café 'Angelique', 1985-1995.



From 1995 to 2001 the Wijnerij 't Gulde Schaep'.


From 2002 to 2005, the 'Eat & Talk Café The Sisters'.De Sisters


From 2006 - 2008 the pub "Noble House".

  Noble House



Afterwards some brief restaurant exploitations.

Thanks to Mr. Pieter Oomen and Mr. Hugo Buyle for information from their private archives.



Stadswaag 1565


't Gulde Schaep 1615


't Gulde Schaep 1697