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Dear sir,
How are you ? There is a pigeon racing magazine in Taiwan,the front page of the newest term introduce a pigeon which won the champion of the whole ship of North Sea in Taiwan, against 16000 pigeons, and its pedigree is from Gyselbrecht system,and it's a grandson from the daughter of Laureaat Barcelona, and I am very glad to tell you the good news.
Best Wishes for you and your family.

Your friend
William Chen

Dear Carlo,

I thought you would like to know about the following:

A Grandson of Parel and Zwart Denys was 28th in a 400 mile race against 1653 birds, 9th in a 500 mile race against 1131 birds and 45th in a 500 mile race against 1057 birds this past season. He was awarded Champion Long Distance Bird in the club I fly in. He will be set up for the 600 next year and I expect great results from him.
I hope all is well with everyone and your racing season went well.

Kindest regards,
Mike Becker



Dear sir,
Thanks for your help again. I am glad to tell you that today is the first time of the race,and during the limited time there are 337 pigeons coming back. I won the first and she is the daughter of Paula I, and the 13th is the son of Paula I's son X Lady Laureaa's daughter, and the 17th and the 31st are the children of Paul Barcelona. I just want to share my pleasure with you.
Best regards.
Your friend
William Chen, Taipei, TAIWAN

Dear Carlo:

My young Gyselbrecht cock (son of Kristof) arrived from Don Hart this week. He is very handsome and I was delighted to see that he has Barcelona II in his background. The pedigree you sent along with the bird is terrific! I also wanted to let you know how helpful the Gyselbrecht catalogue has been; like the pedigree it is quite beautiful and full of information. I love the photos of some of the older, but legendary, birds.
Micheal Mount, USA
I look forward to you thoughts on how I might proceed in building my foundation stock of long distance birds.

dear carlo,
i hope you are well, my question is this, i have recently vaccinated some new birds using your vaccine, these birds are quarantined away from my other birds, how long does it take the vaccine to take effect ?, as i have had problems in the past with paratyphoid and i want to give the new birds every chance of staying healthy,
also my local water authority adds fluoride to our drinking water, what effect does this have when i add vitamins or medicines to my birds water ?.
My birds have improved 100% since i started taking your advice and products, many thanks once again steve murray, UK


8th international Dax 2004 with 50% Gyselbrecht

This is a short note taken out of the article about Dominique Cufay, international winner of Biarritz 2004.

During an auction that was organised in France, Dominique saw a hen that he really liked, origine Gyselbrecht. He went to the auction without a lot of hope because he thought that the pigeon would be high above his budget. Luckely for him it wasn't that way and he could by a Vanbruaene product. This hen was a direct daughter of the first international Barcelona 1995 from the Gyselbrecht lofts coupled with a half-sister which mother was a granddaughter of the international winner of Barcelona of 1984 in the loft of Vanbruaene. One of the next seasons, four brothers always arrived somewhere between the first pigeons as a yearling. On this moment Dominique took a look at the pedigree and saw that everything from Gyselbrecht had good results. So it's not necessary to say that every egg from this hen was considered as a "golden egg".

It's the FR01-560409 that was the 8th international Dax from this year. It was a very hard race. He was just too late for the national victory. Before this Dax result he already had some good results: 77th from 1335 pigeons national Pau, and 253th of 5379 pigeons from Tulle.
In 2003, he won per 10 from Limoges and Dax international. And more then one of his brothers are following the same roadÖ

We are proud to announce that the 3rd National Perpignan 2004 Daniel Van Ceulebroeck is user of the pipa products...

Congratulations Mr. Van Ceulebroeck!


Beste Carlo, hoe is het gegaan op barcelona, zou ik graag willen
weten, ik heb dit seizoen al 2 kopprijzen op de fond , het gaat super ,het
bevalt mij super de pipa producten
, nog nooit zo'n resultaten neergezet
ze komen er goed op, heb 1 vroege op Bordeaux in de fondclub 13e van
600 d 1004 km, 2 mee ,en van Brive 902 km 1081 d
21e 36e 37e 62e 72e ,de 4e was een 2 jarige duif de andere 3 zijn jaarlingen,
had 3 oude duiven mee en 17 jaarlingen ,s avonds 1 oude en 8 jaarlingen
thuis ,met de jongen gaat het ook super die we van u hebben het zijn zo
als ik het nu bekijk 2 duivers en 4 duivinnen,de jongen uit de eieren zijn
ook toppers in de hand ,menig liefhebber heeft ze in de hand gehad supers
alsnog bedankt dat we zulke duiven bij u mochten halen
.Trouwens de 1e duif
van Brive is een halve Gyselbrecht . vriendelijke groeten
Rieks Lonsain, Nederland




We also got information that Freddy Vandenheede would
be the possible winner of the Semi - National RACE
the GULDENSPORENVLUCHT this same weekend
against more than 10.000 pigeons !



Gyselbrecht basketted 5 pigeons on Barcelona and wins 4 prizes on 5 on BARCELONA 2004 !

In the club there were 300 pigeons.

Ps : also the 78th national from ANTOINE VANHOVE is a grandson of the LAUREAAT BARCELONA, international
winner of Barcelona 1995 AND the 88th national of Etienne Meirlaen is a grandson of TURBO + last year Etienne

Meirlaen had the 38th national 2003 also with grandson TURBO.

9th, 15th, 25th and 46th pigeon on 300 in the club.

First 2 pigeons were 1st and 2nd nominated pigeons and they won last year 120th national and 133rd national
on Barcelona. This year both of them probably in the first 300 national.
You can see the pictures of those 2 pigeons below :

Son of Turbo x Bijou. Turbo won 5 times Barcelona and is halfbrother of the First International Barcelona 1995.

Turbo won 2 times in the first 100 international and 1 time in the first 200 international.
Bijou is direct van der wegen and is also mother of Schumacher. ( there is a picture of Schumacher on this page )
Schumacher is 2nd international ACE PIGEON on Barcelona during 5 years.


Brother Sampras is brother of the legendary Samprass that won 2nd national Barcelona on the Gyselbrecht Lofts in 1999,

this was one minute behind the first national...Father of Samprass is direct A & L van der wegen, Steenbergen. This
father of Samprass is a superb pigeon and breeder.




1st testimonial


Dear Nikolaas:

I just received pigeons tonight, Iím very happy to have such great pigeons.

My family start race pigeon since 1973 (my father race), more than 30 years. I have been import pigeons more or less 100 since 1984 (when I was 25). I spend more than US$100,000.00 purchasing pigeons, this is 1st time Iím complete satisfy the quality of someoneís pigeons.

Finally, I know the price not keen issue, you need friends support.

To be honest, Iím confuse how to recognize the value of pigeons after 30 years later, I can identified spirit pigeon, but I have no confidence of breeding value.
When I hold the pigeons from you, I knew it, there are very much different than mine.

The Gyselbrecht strain will help us build middle to long distance race strain, especially south sea race, as now, I have be very patient to wait those pigeons growing & well grown.

I met William tonight, both go to airport pick up pigeons, he has a lot experience race Gyselbrecht strain, and he told me: long distance (350KM) is much better than short distance (250KM under), I think not really, if I can make pigeonís desire go home, 3 to 5 minís late than others this is OK for me (race system different than Europe), but due to very hot weather or difficult race, 250KM may need 4 ~ 5 hours, some time need 6 hours flight, this pigeons can win the race too.

If you have time, could you please describe each one of them to me (if you have time?)

BTW, the others 3 pigeons I bought, my opinion as below:

1. VanReet: super fast, can win the single race easy, but it difficult to pass through 5 official races (everyone have to had this pigeons to win the signal race title).

2. Gaby: I think this pigeonís quality good, suitable Taiwan race system (many qualify race & 5 official races).

3. XxX : I release this pigeon when I arrived home; I think no value for me. (Nikolaas, as a friend, Iíll suggest you do not put this kind pigeons in your Bid Action, because Pipa is world No. 1 pigeon site, when the people into your action, he think he buying pigeon from you, not original owner. You have to check the quality before you put into bid action. I know some pigeons are not nice handle, but really can win the race, in case like this, you have to mention detail)

Yours Sincerely

Huang Y. Po, Taiwan

2nd testimonial



3rd testimonial

Hi Nik,

Two days ago I had my first chance to visit the World of Wings Pigeon Center in Oklahoma City and see the Gyselbrecht birds that you have placed there. Imagine my surprize to discover that Pigeon Center General Manager Randy Goodpasture has already decided that a young pigeon from your pair at the center will represent the World of Wings in the next South Africa Million Dollar Race! That is how impressed he is with their youngsters! I believe the youngster is one week away from its journey to SA!

I handled both of your birds, the cock will be a magnificent specimen indeed. Especially when he has matured another year. The hen is small but fights you in the hand, very strong.

I advised Randy to send one of the older Gyselbrecht youngsters to SA because of the faster maturity of the birds it will compete with. The pair produced 8 healthy young in their first breeding season.

An Interesting development, don't you think?!

Kind regards from New Mexico, RW, USA


4th testimonial

Hallo hoe gaat het met jullie het gaat met mij harstikke goed zeer tevreden over de pipaproducten de handel loopt goed.

Over de sportieve prestatie ben ik zeer tevreden heb op het ogenblik de beste vitesse midfond duif bij ons in de vereniging !! Op de overnachtvluchten gaat het goed heb op Ruffec goed gedraaid St Vincent ook goed , zeer tevreden maar de duiven van het soort Gijselbrecht .

De jongen die we gehaald hebben zijn wij zeer over te spreken zien er prachtig uit de eieren zijn ook goed uitgekomen en volgens de kenners zijn het superduiven.

Vriendelijke groet,

Dick Vogelzang Staphorst


5th testimonial


Dear Carlo & Nikolaas,


I am not able to keep pigeons for myself from your strain in USA, because when I show them to somebody,

they are immediately sold, I would ask if I could order 10 more pairs.


Your f'riend in US

Don Hart

We are proud to announce that the First NATIONAL BOURGES OLD BIRDS ( Middle DISTANCE 450 - 500 KM )
in BELGIUM 2004 is won by NOEL PEIREN is 50 % Gyselbrecht !

Also 14th national by Noppe - Verhaeghe is 50 % Gyselbrecht !

and also 49th national by Antoine Vanhove is 50 % Gyselbrecht !

Also the greatgrandmother of the 1st national BOURGES Yearlings from
This was the fastest pigeon from plus minus 44.000 birds.


Also Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht would like to congratulate all his customers that won Topprizes on the national Bourges RACE

and are using the GYSELBRECHT Products ( ) :

4th national Michel Butaeye
9th national Laurent Crombez
11th national Michel Butaeye
12th national Dejaegher - De Vylder
14th national Noppe - Verhaeghe
15th national Vandenheede Freddy
27th national Vandaele Mark
35th national Luc Van Hoecke

39th national Eric Vermander
49th national Antoine Vanhove

Excuse us if we forgot someone !


Also in SHANGHAI Last week, a Gyselbrecht pigeon won in the loft of Mr Oscar Tsui 1st prize against around 15.000 pigeons
in the whole region of Shanghai - Line Schumacher.



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While waiting for our new pigeon site, we publish here some pictures of our breeders...
If you want to have more pictures of our breeders, just send us an e-mail at Carlo Gyselbrecht

In afwachting van onze nieuwe duivensite hier de foto's van enkele kweekduiven...
Als je ook de overige foto's wilt hebben van onze kwekers, mail dan gewoon even naar Carlo Gyselbrecht


With 1st, 2nd and 4th national Barcelona in the nineties, without doubt one of the best Barcelona lofts in EUROPE.
In 1995 they even won the First International Barcelona against 20.925 pigeons + Golden Wing with the Laureaat Barcelona.
In 2003 Fauche Brothers won the most prestiguous of all races ( International Barcelona ) with a greatgranddaughter of

the First International of Gyselbrecht ! Also in 2003 Schoors - De Waele became National Champion KBDB of Belgium,
4 of his 8 winning pigeons are grandchilren of the famous Laureaat Barcelona...And many more references!


" Best quality of pigeons I have seen in the last 20 years " ( J. Luchese, USA )

" Ron West, USA, Southernrockiesloft : ď I brought in the 'Laureaat' Gyselbrechts based on their performance in Europe at the long distance stations, but have only had them here since the beginning of the year 2003. But I believe that based on several criteria that they will prove to be outstanding pigeons and I will be glad that I have brought them in now rather than later. These birds were imported after having investigated the best Barcelona strains of the past 30 years.

1) the top Barcelona lofts are either now using these birds or closely related strains. I think that few in Europe would argue that the birds of Andre Vanbruaene were the outstanding Barcelona pigeon of the latter half of the 20th century. A close second would be the several families of birds based on the old Aarden strain- such as (but not limited to) the Van der Wegen. The Laureaat family is a masterful blend of the best of these pigeons. Two International Barcelona wins from closely related birds in less than 10 years v 20,000+ pigeons is a feat many Americans lack the context of experience to appreciate. The Barcelona is the most hotly contested long distance race of Europe, very specialized, and where most of the 'grandmasters' compete.

2) the top Barcelona lofts of today that have been acquiring the Gyselbrecht bird, either 1st or 2nd hand, or are in some sense attempting to duplicate the breeding of these birds, for several years now, are winning, at the several distance stations most popular in western europe.

3) these pigeons brilliantly fit the American habit (learned from Piet DeWeerd) of crossing the classic distance strain on the Janssen based sprint/speed birds.

4) the best Barcelona pigeons just keep coming against all odds, bred to do this for innumerable generations. I suspect the Sierra Nevada will be of little consequence to these pigeons.

First International Barcelona 1995, against 20.925 pigeons...


Laureaat Barcelona ANNO 2004
Still very muscular, an unbelievable BODY !
By Many Experts Considered as the most Beautiful & Complete pigeon they have seen.