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Author : Adrie Stroo Zoutelande


Ter Poorteweg 1
4371 RL Koudekerke
Tel. : 0118-571500
Fax. : 0118-571201

e-mail :

With his 80% Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. Supplier of champions and first prize winners.


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Early in January 2006 Koen Minderhoud asked me to write a preface on the occasion of the presentation of his new pigeons website. I had to know enough about Koen and his pigeons since we have a solid tie of friendship -that was built up during our many years’ of membership of local club “de zwaluw” in Westkapelle- and since we were racing the same kind of pigeons since the early nineties
For as long as I know Koen he has always had a good sports mentality, the true will to win and to achieve good results. He already had a competitive spirit back in the years when he was playing football and that spirit kept with him until today. Everyone who knows Koen will agree.
He is also a man who knows exactly what he wants, he will never leave anything up to chance and everything he does is first being considered very thoroughly. If you want to talk certain things through with Koen he is always very clear, businesslike and honest.
This is undoubtedly something he learnt from the days when he had to steer his steel construction company in the right direction. But he was always able to switch the “button” on time, sociability and friendship are also to Koen of great importance in case of a championship for example or a night out.

His pigeon racing career in broad lines.
Koen Minderhoud was born and bred in Westkapelle which is situated in the extreme western tip of Walcheren, very close to the North Sea. Westkapelle is known to most people because of its lighthouse, the proud sea wall and because of the fact that during the war most of this town was destroyed by a bombardment.

Nowadays, Westkapelle is famous for its tourism and among pigeon fanciers it is known because Koen Minderhoud has been achieving top results for many years.
Koen started at a relatively young age with pigeon sport and he has been racing for a long time in the local club “de zwaluw”. For two years during that period, Koen had no pigeons but he could not carry on like that so it did not take long before he found himself among pigeons again.
I remember clearly that Koen was racing pigeons in the “Wilhelminastraat”, then, the Minderhoud family moved to the “Huijgensstraat”. Some good results were achieved at this address and back then, he was racing together with his brother-in-law. The help he got from his companion was very welcome since Koen was running a busy company.
The third and at the same time last address in Westkapelle was in the “Koestraat”, when you drove up the sea wall, you could see the brick pigeons lofts. Koen achieved the best results on middle distance races, let’s say races till Orleans with a distance of almost 420 km, at this address. But Koen wanted in fact to perform on one day long distance races, races up until approximately 700 km. In his search for reinforcement, his eye fell on the Belgian champions loft of Gaby Vandenabeele in Dentergem.

This fancier was performing extremely well, especially on provincial and national one day long distance races.
Koen paid Gaby Vandenabeele a first visit in 1991. All the pigeons in the breeding loft were carefully examined and Koen was impressed with the quality in Gaby’s breeding loft.
He wanted young pigeons that descended from the very best so Koen acquired youngsters from a.o. “de Bijter”, “de Kleinen”, “de Wittenbuik”, “de Picanol”. Koen brought his new acquisitions immediately into action and let them fly after season races. He was indeed surprised when these pigeons were apparently able to win top prizes in all of the after season races at such a young age. Koen was now convinced that he had made the right choice by obtaining these kind of pigeons.

The stock was extended further with the purchase of a direct brother from “Mister Razal” from the Belgian duo Broeckx-Van Hees from Oud Turnhout. It was the 96/6609000. The crossing with the Vandenabeele-pigeon was a direct hit.

Koen paying Gaby a visit
Gaby paying Koen a visit

After breeding and racing with this kind of pigeons for some years, achievements went up. This kind could win top prizes in races from 100 to 700 km.
An inexhaustible series of successes was obtained as well regarding speed races as middle distance and one day long distance races.

After this first trip to Dentergem he paid several other visits to add even more of the same top breeders to his loft. Later-on, he co-bred with “de Wittenbuik” and “de Stier”. And even up until today, there are still pigeons being exchanged between Koen and Gaby.

Another move
In October 2001, Koen told me that he was planning to move and that they had bought a beautiful detached house with a large garden (1.900 square meters) in “de Ter Poorteweg 1” in Koudekerke.
Living at this address meant that both Koen and his wife Elly had found a place to pay some attention to their hobbies; to Elly this was gardening and to Koen this was of course keeping pigeons.

After making some adjustments to the new home, they moved from Westkapelle to Koudekerke just before Christmas 2001. It did not take long before the beautiful new pigeon loft was installed. This was a new start or a shared new start because the base, i.e. the breeding pigeons, were moved from Westkapelle to Koudekerke. The racing team was not moved but sold in the spring of 2002 to Hans Eijerkamp & Sons. Koen knew that he could not move top racers to the breeding loft during the two or three years to come which was why he kept the four best yearlings for breeding purposes. The 24 breeding couples were put together as soon as the new loft was finished. Since the breeding boxes were taken from the loft in Westkapelle and organized in the same way, it was not a problem for the breeding pigeons to adjust to the new environment.

Breeding went well and as from 2002 Koen started with the young pigeons at this new address as well as a new local club “de Luchtbode” in East and West-Souburg. Koen was always reticent when asked about his expectations regarding the new loft and answered “that’s for the future to show”. Personally I never doubted the fact whether it would take long before Koen got at the top again. Successes could not fail to happen, certainly not considering Koen’s knowledge of pigeons and such excellent breeding material. He started mainly with breeding pigeons of the Gaby Vandenabeele kind. It is understandable that he is still putting his trust in these pigeons after all the successes he got thanks to them. But some new birds are acquired regularly as well. He got two youngsters from the super couple “Bange 2”x “Zuster Tornado” from the van Hove-Uytterhoeven team in Belgian Putte. Straightaway, descendants from these pigeons achieved a number of first prizes. Koen bought a son and a daughter of “de Kanibaal”, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance in 1996, from Dirk & Louis van Dyck in Zandhoven. Descendants from these pigeons have raced five 1st prizes and Koen believes that it will not be the last. He also obtained a youngster from a brother of “de Kanibaal”: “de Bourges”, which won a 1st prov. and a 2nd Nat. Bourges against 40.401 d.
The latest acquisitions come from Jos & Jules Engels in Putte, Belgium: four youngsters of the very best breeders, all of them inbred according to “Den 231”, as well as from the pigeons from van Dyck and van Hove-Uytterhoeven, which are crossbred with the own Vandenabeele strain.
Koen bought “De Teletext Doffer” at Gilles de Nooyer’s in Arnemuiden and this star won a couple of top prizes, a.o. 1st , 3rd , 3rd on the N.P.O. one day long distance competitions and this cock descends for 100% from Koen’s own strain. The 1st Ace Pigeon prov. N.P.O. races and the 1st Golden Crack racer of “de Fondclub Zuid Nederland” (“One Day Long Distance club South Holland”) 2005 “Dagfond Asduif 933” was bought in the fall of 2005 at Jan Siereveld’s in Arnemuiden. These two stars will undoubtedly increase the quality of the breeding loft.
Information about these pigeons as well as many other things can be found on this website.

Koen paying a visit to Dirk van Dyck
Koen paying a visit to Van Hove-Uytterhoeven

Thanks to the magnificent results obtained by Koen Minderhoud during the past 15 years mainly with Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons, many others achieved excellent results as well with pigeons bought at Koen Minderhoud’s loft.
Tens of fanciers are not only obtaining excellent results in their own region but in the whole of Holland, from Leeuwarden up to Roermond, a great number of victories has already been obtained, mainly in National N.P.O. competitions against thousands of pigeons. Many fanciers abroad are performing at top level with Koen Minderhoud pigeons.
It is of course difficult to mention everyone who has achieved top results with Koen’s pigeons on this website.
Hereafter you will find a great number of fanciers and the results they obtained with pure or crossbred pigeons from Koen Minderhoud.

M. & H. Postma Zwaagwesteinde 1st Nat. N.P.O. Chimay 17.400 p. – 1st Nat. N.P.O. Morlincourt 9546 p. - ( fastest of 97.000 p.)
Leideman Bros. Hardenberg 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 10.000 p.
P. Hengst Westkapelle 1st Nat. N.P.O. Limoges 4210 p.
Jac. Schroevers Arnemuiden 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 10.977 p. – 1st Z.N.B. Orleans 17.207 p. – 1st Creil 2360 p.
Comb. Roegiest-Visser Philippine 1st Nat. N.P.O. Sourdun 12.000 p. – 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 10.173 p. – 1st Nat. N.P.O. Tours 4470 p.
Scheele Bros. Terneuzen 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 5011 p.
Gilles de Nooyer Arnemuiden 1st Nat. N.P.O. Tours 6108 p. – 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 7422 p.
Appie Punink Staphorst 1st Nat. N.P.O. Maaseik 39.160 p.
Karel Koerts Vluggen 1st Nat. N.P.O. Le Mans 6524 p. 1st Sezanne Provincial.
Rene Melis Zoutelande 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 3341 p.
H.Bloemendaal Almelo 1st Nat. N.P.O. Orleans 7544 p.
Jan Lamers Roermond 1st Nat. N.P.O. Argenton
Dick Postma Leeuwarden 1st Maaseik 2631 p. – 1st St. Ghislain 2370 p.
Adrie Stroo Zoutelande 1st Morlincourt Prov. 7053 p.- 1st Golden Crack Racer One Day Long Distance club South Holland
H. Melis & G v/d Weyer Westkapelle 1st Nat. N.P.O. Ruffec 3190 p.- 1st Nat. N.P.O. Ruffec 2274 p.
H. Melis Westkapelle NL.01-0108666 “De 666”
Tours Nat. N.P.O. 4. 5756 p.
Ruffec Nat. N.P.O. 2. 3549 p.
La Souterr. Nat. N.P.O. 7. 2949 p.
Tours Nat. N.P.O. 23. 6737 p.
La Souterr. Nat. N.P.O. 15. 4108 p.
Montlucon Nat. N.P.O. 25. 4831 p.
La Souterr. Nat. N.P.O. 25. 3516 p.
1st Ace Pigeon prov. N.P.O. races dept Zeeland. - 2002.
1st Golden Crack Racer One Day Long Distance club South Holland - 2002.
J. Manten Breukelen 1st Morlincourt 13.902 p. – 1st Bretuil 12.306 p.
Hans Eijerkamp & Sons Zutphen won with NL.03-1911315 “Baros”
1st. Bourges 1750 p. 2. ,, ,, 2601 p. 8. ,, ,, Nat. N.P.O. 10.968 p.
3. Boxtel 7979 p. 4. L. F. Bernard 2599 p. 6. Vierzon 1843 p.
NL.02-1116167 “Zubeldia”
1st Nat. N.P.O. Vierzon 4561 p.
“ Pien” won 1st Heverlee 8239 p.

Mark & Dick Evans Engeland
They obtained 12 youngsters the first time and as they were very satisfied with these acquisitions, they got 30 new youngsters the next year and 20 new ones the following year.
They have achieved very good results with pigeons from Koen and he received a pile of letters of thanks. The picture on the right was sent to him by them as well.

Direct from Koen Minderhoud

Bertus Vermeulen Breukelen has won tens of 1st prizes, mainly with youngsters from “het Superkoppel” NL.97-1131420 “Inteelt Wittenbuik” x NL.97-1131429 “Geschelpt 429”. This couple is a direct from Koen Minderhoud and was re-bought by Koen in 2003. Erich Melchior in Zoutelande became 1st provincial champion One Day Long Distance races dept. Zeeland in 2004.
Peter Borremans in East-Souburg became 1st provincial champion One Day Long Distance races dept. Zeeland in 2005.

We can safely call Koen the “supplier of champions and 1st prize winners” bearing in mind all the magnificent results which have been achieved by many fanciers with Koen’s pigeons.

Top Pigeons
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The Jos & Jules ENGELS pigeons Putte
B 6447486/2005 Cock
B 6447552/2005 Hen
B 6221270/2005 Hen
Direct Dirk & Louis Van Dyck Zandhoven
6472076/2004 "Blauwe Bourges"
The Jos & Jules ENGELS
B 6447460/2005 "Blauwe Jos"
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Important Performances 2002 with the Young birds
20-07-2002 Morlincourt 2856 p. 9,11,13,15,16,17,33,34,37,47,55,122,176 etc.
27-07-2002 Creil 2647 p. 11,14,17,22,45,53,54,55,57,85,91,94,103,169 etc.
03-08-2002 Nat.Sourdun 13070 p. 4,13,41,78,82,83,87,122,145,160,189,194,465 etc.
10-08-2002 St.Ghislain 424 p. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,20,28,29,31,32,37 etc.
31-08-2002 Morlincourt 1394 p. 1,10,25,42,56,103,114,173,175,185, 190 etc.
1st Champion after season district 7. dept Zeeland

Important performances 2003 with the yearlings
31-05-2003 Chimay 324 p. 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11,18,23,25,26 etc.
District 7 2363 p. 19,21,22,24,28,40,51,53,78,93,94,100 160,208,210,213 etc.
07-05-2003 Libramont 463 p. 1,2,4,5,6,17,19,20,22,30,31,37,46 etc.
District 7 2314 p. 4,9,46,47,48,111,114,116,121,190,194 etc.
21-06-2003 Creil 275 p. 1,2,3,4,,69,10,11,12,13,14,17,25 etc.
District 7 1294 p. 4,11,12,13,31,32,33,34,40,41,71,114 etc.
28-06-2003 Ablis 212 p. 2,3,4,6,10,17,19,20 etc.
District 1350 p. 5,6,10,17,44,78,104,106,124 etc.
Provincial 7019 p. 16,17,32,46,124,273,356,413,429,529,540,649 etc.
12-07-2003 Orleans 183 p. 1,2,5,7,13,15 etc.
District 7 1089 p. 1,7,31,43,78,91 etc.
Provincial 6369 p. 2,11,67,128,275,580 etc.
02-08-2003 Chateauroux 97 p. 1,2,3,4,5,,7,8…7/10
District 7 625 p. 5,16,23,29,42,49,58.
Provincial 3082 p. 22,53,72,88,134,177,220.
1st Speed Champion District 7.
1st Speed Champion Dept Zeeland, 2,3,5 and 9 Ace Pigeon Speed District 7.

Important performances 2004 with yearlings and two-year-old racers.

11-04-2004 Peronne 311 p. 3,4,8,12,13,14,15,23,25,27,29 etc.
District 7 1429 p. 3,4,12,20,23,33,34,56,65,68,77,100,103,110 etc.
17-04-2004 Morlincourt 315 p. 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,16,17,18,26,27,28,30,31 etc.
District 7 1820 p. 6,8,9,10,11,17,18,20,23,34,35,36,58,59,60,62,63,64,78,92,93,165,168,172 etc.
15-05-2004 Tours 265 p. 1,4,5,6,8,14,20,24 etc.
District 7 1523 p. 5,21,31,32,43,66,95,120 etc. 11/15
Provincial N.P.O. 6108 p. 6,70,93,94,127,197,271,340 etc. 11/15
22-05-2204 Orleans 272 p. 1,2,6,7,10,14,16,26,27 etc. 20/29
District 7 1319 p. 1,2,9,10,28,39,41,103 etc. 19/29
Provincial 7347 p. 2,5,16,24,77,108,113,306,324,519,665,690,713 etc.
29-05-2004 Montlucon 202 p. 2,3,9,11,12,13,16,17,18,19,23,29 etc 24/30
District 7 1074 p. 7,10,27,33,52,53,68,69,70,71,85 etc. 21/30
Provincial N.P.O. 4624 p. 10,14,37,47,86,124,125,126,127,154,218,224,238,243,251,308,310,312,416,437 etc. 21/30 - 1 : 10!!!!
13-06-2004 La Souterraine 165 p. 2,4,8,9 etc. 8/13
District 7 797 p. 4,12,27,35,69 etc. 8/13
Provicial N.P.O. 4108 p. 11,25,59,81,200 etc. 8/13
10-07-2004 Chateauroux 161 p. 1,2,3,7,8,9,10,12 etc. 17/30
District 7 859 p. 7,10,11,20,24,26,28,35,56,68,76 etc. 20/30
Provincial N.P.O. 4314 p. 20,28,29,68,75,82,89,120,191,263,304 etc. 23/30

2nd Ace Pigeon Speed District 7, 3rd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance District 7, 4th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance District 7, 7 + 9 Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Dept. Zeeland, 3rd Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance District 7, 3rd Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Dept. Zeeland.

Important performances 2005

Nat. N.P.O. Races:
28-05-‘05 TOURS 501 km. Club. 298 p. 1,2,3,8,13,18,20,28,30 etc. 18 of 39.
Nat. N.P.O. 8018 p. 3,10,13 etc. 18 of 39.

11-06-’05 LE MANS 455 km. Club. 177 p. 1,2,4,6,8,11,12,13,17,18 etc. 17 of 36.
Nat. Regio 1. 6250 p. 6,14,66,84 etc. 17 of 36.

25-06-’05 LA SOUTERRAINE 603 km. Club 138 p. 1,2,3,5,10,12,14,15,16 etc. 14 of 30.
Nat. N.P.O. 4126 p. 17,21,62,96 etc. 14 of 30.

Out of 5 Long Distance Races 4 teletext mentions: Tours 3 and 10, La Mans 6, Ruffec 7.

30-04-’05 PERONNE 178 km. Club 378 p. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,14,16,17,18,19 etc. 28 of 46.
DISTRICT 7. 2015 p. 2,3,,56,8,13,15,30,54,58,62,64 etc. 29 of 46.

15-05-’05 MORLINCOURT 221 km. Club 238 p. 2,4,7,8,12,14,15,16,17,20,24 etc. 23 of 45.
DISTRICT 7. 1469 p. 2,7,18,20,38,40,41,42,43,46,56 etc. 29 of 42.

18-06-’05 ABLIS 352 km. Club 125 p. 2,3,5,6,7,8,12 etc. 14 of 20.
PROVINCIAL 4422 p. 11,12,21,33,50,54 etc. 16 of 20.

18-06-’05 HARCHIES 111 km. Club 140 p. 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,15,16,17 etc. 20 of 48.
DISTRICT 7. 1845 p. 1,2 etc. 17 of 48.
PROVINCIAL 15.560 p. 1 and 2 Fastest.

25-06-’05 NIERGNIES 150 km. Club 250 p. 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,14,15,16,19,23,24 etc. 20 of 46.
DISTRICT 7. 1736 p. 1,3,4,44,48,75,77 etc. 19 of 46.

09-07-’05 PERONNE 178 km. Club 239 p. 1,2,3,5,9,12,13,14,15,16,23. etc. 21 of 36.
DISTRICT 7. 1415 p. 1,2,25,29,34,43,48,51,53,58,81. 27 of 33.

1. Speed champion young pigeons: not nominated and nominated total.
2. pigeon champion young pigeons: NL.05-0514727 daughter of “De Toekan “x daughter “Superkoppel”
1. One Day Long Distance champion: not nominated and nominated total.
3. pigeon champion One Day Long Distance: NL.02-0276426 son of: “Spirit 773” x “Super 742”
2. Middle Distance champion young pigeons: not nominated and nominated total.
3. General champion: not nominated and nominated total.

PROVINCIAL. Dept. Zeeland
2. One Day Long Distance champion: not nominated and nominated total.
4. pigeon champion One Day Long Distance. NL. 02-0276426

Top Pigeons
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The 90 % Gaby Vandenabeele Dentergem
"De Telexdoffer" NL 0007927/2000

"Dagfond Asduif 933"
NL 0310933/2003

1ste Ace-Pigeon Provincial N.P.O. 2005

"Inteelt Wittenbuik"
NL 1131420/1997

"Geschelpt 429"
NL 11314429
"The First Price Racer"
NL 2364589/1998
"Geschelpt 524"
NL 1311524/2002

85 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"De Blauwe 450" NL 1614450/2000

"Mother Toekanduifje" is full sister from "Blauw 450"
NL 0421553/2004
90 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Toekanduifje" NL 0514727/2005

The 90 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Son Toekan" NL 0514797/2005

"Zus Toekanduifje"
NL 0514796/2005

The 90 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Lady Marleen" NL 9948570/1999

"Tamara" NL 9948589/1999

Direct Dirk & Louis Van Dyck
"Dochter Kannibaal" B 6380134/2001

""De Blauwe Dirk" B 6503652/2002

50 % Gaby Vandenabeele X 50 % Dirk & Louis Van Dyck

"Blauwe 361" NL 1227361

50 % Gaby Vandenabeele X 50% Dirk & Louis Van Dyck

"De Kras Witpen" NL 0514744/2005

"De Geschelpte Dirk" NL 0514697/2005

85 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Spirit 773" NL 9635773/1996

"Zoon Barney 784" NL 0015784/2000

100 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"De Witpen 743" NL 9635743/1996

"Het Super 742" NL 0015742/2000
80 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"De Toursdoffer" NL 0276426/2002
50% Van Hove-Uytterhoeven
25% Gaby Vandenabeele
25% Gebr. Janssen

"Dagfond-Asduif 817" NL 0208817/2002
90 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Orleansduifje 743" NL 0208743/2002
"Jonge Bijter 094" NL 9515094/1995

95 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Power Cock 449" NL 1227449/2003

"De Blauwe 578" NL 2140758/2004

100 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"De Blauwe Gaby 103" NL 9515103/1995

"Het Blauwtje 703" NL 9635703/1996

100 % Gaby Vandenabeele
"Goudklompje 864" B 3305864/1997

"Kleindochter 103" NL 1967738/2001

85% Gaby Vandenabeele
"Son from Blauwe Gaby103" NL 0421595/2004

"Stephanie" NL 0421596/2004

80% Gaby Vandenabeele
"De Sourdun" NL 0208764/2002

Direct Gaby Vandenabeele
"Bliksemduifje 600" B 3003644/2002

"Bliksemduifje 2" B 3001501/2004

Direct Gaby Vandenabeele
"Kleindochter Kleinen" B 3001568/2004 (Hen)

"Polleke Duivin" B 3001573/2004 (Hen)

Direct Vanhove-Uyterhoeven
"Dochter Jonge Bange 2" B 6041055/2001

"Zanzibar Duivin" B 6465494/2004

80% Gaby Vandenabeele
"Orleansduifje 561" NL 0325561/2003

100% Gaby Vandenabeele
"Het Kadetje" B3001565/2004

100% Gaby Vandenabeele
"Macho 991" NL 9808991/1998

"Ronker 816" NL 0015816/2000