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A "casa particular" is a bed and breakfast (room and board lodging) in a private home in Cuba.
Private citizens are allowed (meeting certain conditions and paying the required tax) to rent out rooms to tourists.
They can offer both lodging and meals.
The "casa particular" offer an economical way to see Cuba and provide a quality service while allowing you to get in close contact with the Cuban people.
An experience that can't be matched by state run hotels that separate rather than unite Cubans and tourists.


Press quotes:

"Cuba's the hot destination of choice for many Canadians, but why stay in a drab chain hotel or resort when you can plug yourself directly into the country and stay with Cubans themselves? This site ( offers the lowdown and links on Casa Particulares, the personal houses Cubans rent out to tourists, including homes in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and other cities. A great way to experience a side of the island you'll never see from the pampered balcony of your Varadero resort."

"The cheapest way to stay is in private homes, or "casas particulares." These are licensed by the Cuban government and often run about $25 a night, including breakfast. A good online clearinghouse can be found at"

Contra Costa Times Dec. 28, 2003

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Letter of the week
I've booked a two-week tour of Cuba in November with my partner. We'll be whizzing all over the island but will be in Havana for four nights. Our hotel isn't very central, and looks as charming as Khrushchev on a cold morning. My son, who lived in Cuba for a few months, suggests we stay in a casa particular (private home) for at least a night to get more of a flavour of Cuban life. I'm keen but my know-all son can't recommend a specific place and warns they open and close at alarming speed. Can you help?
Jonna Eilers, Essex

Your son is right: staying in a casa particular is a great way to broaden your view of Cuba. Casas particulares are heavily regulated by the government, with high operational taxes - some owners find the cost and effort are not worthwhile and so quickly shut up shop. However, many casas are well established, and this is particularly true in Habana Vieja, the old town. Do your homework first: compare traveller reviews and book online or by phone. Try and for up-to-date reviews and booking information.


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