Casa Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Morell.


This casa comes highly recommended.



 The house is supposedly a doctor’s house but in reality is run by his parents, Marta and Paco.

The room had 1 double and 1 single bed.

Marta is an excellent cook.

Paco will pick you up from bus station and can arrange transport if required.

For example: Baracoa Peso Convertible 60, El Cobre and Castillo de Moro Peso Convertible 25.

The casa was Peso Convertible 20 per night with Peso Convertible 7 for dinner Peso Convertible 3 for breakfast.

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Morell
alle Princesa No 580

e/y Carniceria y Calvario
Tel.: +53 22 654387

Son speaks English but not parents


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