Web site and link search.

Via "Pico Search" you can search this site and a number of linked sites.

As I use the "free" version of Pico Search only a limited number of pages on other sites are indexed in one go (1500). 

 I therefore have split up the search. I know that this is an inconvenience, but I want to keep the site free (and not to expensive for me).

Try it.  People have found it very useful.

Currently close to 4200 pages on 250 sites have been indexed.

Note that:

  1. the search is "text based". This means that if on another site the page contains the word "Santiago" it will be listed even though there is no actual info on Santiago there. You may have to "link on".

  2. Not all pages of the sites I link to  here are indexed. Due to restrictions on the free version of "Pico Search" I have had to limit the index to 30 pages maximum per site.

  3. No attempt is made to "boost" the rating of any site.

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