We have a limited amount of these racked pairs available.

Each rack contains a pair of fully discrete solid state Telefunken V672 preamps, first edition, easy recognizable by the round metal locking nut on the front and green square audio transformers. The V672 modules are mounted in its original housing, thus its value is retained.

All electrolytic caps on the modules were replaced, and we brought the amp back to full specs.

Some features:

The input pad , together with the gain and output attenuator gives you maximum control over the signal, from clean to creative saturation effects. ( the FET DI’s follow the same route). All pots and switches are stepped for easy recall.

15 second ramped phantom power protects the input transformer and eliminates the popping sound when powering condensator mics.

Vintage VU meters with curved glass.

Telefunken grey powder coated front panel, steel chassis.

Empty or loaded racks available.

with or without VU imeters, FET DI or output attenuator.

get in touch for price details.

With love and care assembled in Belgium.

2 X Telefunken V672 preamps , refurbished and racked. 1499 € (VAT incl.)

Fully loaded rack as pictured 1099€ (VAT incl.)

The Telefunken/ AEG V776 is one of the last great microphone preamps made by the legendary company who brought us also the V76/V72/V676/V276/ V376 etc.

This 4 channel module is an all discrete transistor design loaded with RK240/255/173 high quality Haufe transformers on in- and outputs.

76dB of gain delivering a rich creamy sound with a silky smooth top end and a beefy bottom.

We replaced all electrolytic caps, cleaned and measured the preamp and brought it back to full specs.

This a great opportunity to own 4 Vintage Telefunken microphone preamps, racked and ready to Rock.                  

2 X RACKED TELEFUNKEN V672 preamps. 1299€ (VAT incl.)

We have a limited amount of these Telefunken V672 racked pairs available.

V672 : yes the good ones, the early ones, the ones with the big audio transformers.

Sound wise they come very close to the V72 but are more solid, tight and punchy.

Each module has been carefully serviced and recapped.

Choose between two rack front colors: Natural anodized aluminium or british grey/blue.