Kitchen open latest (2.00 P.M.) and  evening(9,00 P.M.)
*** Cream with suplem.
Dinsdag en woensdag rustdag behalve feestdagen / Mardi et mercredi jours de repos sauf jours ferriés
From - 01 - February - 2018 till  - 12 - Mars - 2018
MENU (1 starter) 35,95 €
MENU (2 starters) 43,50 €
Boiled eel with green herbs Saint-Jacque with garlic butter Avocado salad with fresh duck liver Cheese croquettes and/or Shrimp croquettes Spicy lobster chowder with Armagnac Smoked fresh salmon, sauce aigrelette Gratinated scampi’s with champagne “Père Mouillard” Sherbet Victoria Poultry crisp with cherries Boiled eel with green herbs and French fries “Victorine”*** Roast rib of beef with béarnaise sauce and French fries Poached ray with brown butter Duck’s breast in stripes, green pepper sauce or Bigarade sauce Braised young guinea-hen “Brabançonne”(2ets) Trout “Meunière” or with almonds without any fish-bone Dessert plate Ice-cream Pancakes flamed with Grand-Marnier Crème Brulée