From 23 - November - 2017 till 01 - January - 2018
Game MENU € 57,95
MENU (1 starter) € 48,75
The plate wild pâté
Mousse from pheasant with duck liver
Hare pâté
Pheasant pâté
Lobster chowder with armagnac
Smoked salmon with aigrelette sauce
Fresh duck liver with port jelly
Plate with smoked young boar and winter salad
Boiled eel with green herbs "Victorinne"
Gratinated scampi’s with champagne “Père Mouillard”
Sherbet Victoria
Braised pheasant with Brussels endive and cream sauce (2 ets)
Saddle fram hare “Père Mouillard”
Braised pheasant Brabançonne (2 ets)
Deer with grand veneur sauce
Lundi soir , Mardi et Mercredi repos sauf jours ferriés
Kitchen open till 14 u 00 and 21 u 00 evening