Hello everyone,

Welcome to my little corner on the web. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. You will find here stationery I created myself.

Let me tell you a little more about me. About 2 years ago I bought my first computer not even knowing how I got that thing to work ,least of all how to work with it, but ther was a whole new world out there, and I wanted to explore it ! Soon after that I was hooked on it and every day I discovered something new, and then one day I came across....... stationery! How wonderful! And what talent!! I searched the net for all those pretties, but after a little while, I felt the urge to make some myself and experimented a bit with some things I found on the net. This was even more addictive and I joined a wonderful group to learn more about this, and well..... I'm still learning something new every day!

So one day I decided to share my creations with others, so they too could enjoy them too.  And that's how this site came to life. 


I 'm afraid this is a work in progress and will never end, so ...... be sure to check back often!!

Enjoy your stay!



I created this site with backgrounds etc. all from scratch or from things I collected on the net. As far as I know they were free for personal use. If you see something that belongs to you be sure I didn't do this on purpose, please contact me and I will remove it immediatly. Also, please do not take anything from this site and claim them as your own, or put them on CD. I worked very hard on this. Thank you very much.

This site is best vieuwed at 1024 x 768 with OE 5 or up