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kranium's chess projects

Fire is both a blessing and a bringer of doom...
don't get burned ...try it yourself, it's free!

Fire 4 is available for download
please click

2nd century English Saxons resist against Norman rule! IvanHoe and that noble outlaw Robin Hood come to the rescue!

IvanHoe version 999946f is available for download
RobboLito, the world's strongest single processor (non SMP) chess engine, is now SMP capable (up to 8 cores/threads)!

this is the newest version of the October Revolution's world famous and ground breaking program!

RobboLito 0.21Q is available for download


cyclone is a very strong open-source UCI chess engine based on Fruit and Toga.

cyclone xTreme
cyclone xTreme StormPack
are available for download

demon is an open-source UCI chess engine

demon 1.0 is available for download

Toga II is a very strong open-source UCI chess engine

Toga II 2.0 SE  is available for download
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Fruit/Toga/Cyclone feature chronology

fruit 2.1 
June 17, 2005 (ELO ~2800)
classical PVS with iterative deepening
16x12 board representation
(uniquely combining mailbox (10x12) with 0x88 (16x8))
4 ply enhanced transposition cutoff (ETC)
R=3 recursive null move
captures sorted by MVV/LVA
basic eval: material, PST, pawn structure, etc.
killer moves
history moves
mobility in evaluation
material draw heuristics
piece/square tables tweaked (especially for knights)
time management added
single-reply extension
code speed up
passed-pawn evaluation separated from the pawn hash table
pawn-shelter penalty
incremental move generation
futility pruning
delta pruning
history pruning
improved move ordering
code cleanup
rook-on-open file bonus
pawn storms
PV-node extensions (extending recaptures only at PV nodes)
king-attack bonus
history-pruning re-search
PolyGlot compatible opening book
hash-size UCI option fixed
legality of the hash-table moves verified

toga 1.4beta5c Jan 28, 2008 (~ELO 2900)
more pruning
more extensions
new settings
minor bugfixes
lazy eval
changes in eval
changes in search
EGBB support
improved history pruning
improved futility pruning
improved lazy evaluation
new evaluation features
knight outpost
multi CPU (shared hash SMP)!
multiPV now broken
ownbook crashes

cyclone 3.4
Feb 1, 2009 (~ELO 2930)
aspiration window
futility pruning changed
improved history pruning
improved LMR
egbb probe hashing
root LMR
improved extensions
quiescence checks bugfix
5 killer moves
early passed pawn evaluation
weak square evaluation
improved pawn PST
improved knight mobility
improved knight outpost
queen mobility
draw multipliers
automatic CPU detection
multiPV fixed
egbb now returns mate values
adaptive null move (depth >=7 R=4, else R=3)
dynamic hash
polyglot book fixed

cyclone xTreme (~ELO 3000)
32 threads (max
FRC (chess960) support
bishop outpost
material imbalances
rook/king file bonus
158 configurable parameters
opening/endgame weights added:
   -Material Imbalances
futility pruning changed
history pruning changed
piece values\weights\etc. adjusted
bitbase probe now also in QS
UCI option 'Use Bitbases in QS' added
bitbase cache default increased to 32MB