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Chipmeet 2011 was again a huge succes, beautiful weather, nice aircraft and plenty of occasions for the participants to improve their formation flying skills thanks to our team of volunteer instructors and the fantastic airfield at Zoersel, operated by of the Aero Para Club der Kempen. Below you will find a first impression of the event and the fantastic Saturday evening balbo formation over Zoersel and Antwerp.



Chipmeet 2011 sortie register (rtf document) or Sortie register per Pilot(rtf document)
  Chipmeet photos by our photographers and participants:
Chipmeet 2011 picasa library
Chipmeet 2011 movie filmed from the Bulldog
HB-COK - a really nice video of chipmeet 2011!!

The 2011 12-ship formation over Antwerp



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