From May 1984 till August 1985 I was the lucky man from Belgium that could go and live in the USA.
I was 32 years old a that time.
For me a dream came true. All my life I wanted to visit this marvelous country.

Another dream of me
was to drive once one of the huge convertible

Jose B in cadillac

This dream came true also, even more than this, I owned one for over a year.


The car was a 1968 Cadillac de ville convertible in very good condition.

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It had all options you can imagine, and everything still was operational.

Like there was:
Power steering,
Power brakes airconditioning and full automatic gearbox.
The top, seats, all 4 windows and radio-antenna were electrical powered.

I did buy a second one to fix the convertible after accident.

Here I'm in Chattanooga,tn. I used to live 40 miles away from this place and spent quiet some time in this interesting city.
Notice my personalised licence plate .

Dimensions were enormous for European standards. Length 5m70, width 2m03

The engine was a 375 SEA hp, 7700cc V eightcilinder. It's weight was over 2500 kg, and fuel consumption about 25l/100 km, or 10 miles a gallon, as Americans say.

A CitroŽn 2cv has 32 hp 602 cc engine, weight = 560 kg and it goes 40 miles a gallon.

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