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An experimental genealogy application in XSLT 


Mind Your Word released

Mind Your Word is a fun little word game. And it's free! 


Pure XHTML website

The website is now constructed in strict XHTML. The layout is maintained in one CSS style sheet. That makes the HTML markup compact and easy to update, because it doesn't contain any presentational information. Modifications to the style sheet have immediate effect on the entire site's layout.


XTB development restarted

After being 'on hold' for two years, XTB is back. Version 0.8.22 is built with the newest Xerces libraries (Xerces C++ 2.3.0). 


LunaRhythm moon names fixed

Version 0.5.04 corrects a bug in the moon name algorithms and synchronizes the names with Merlin Sythove's.