LINKS to NPW Builders pages

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TELS PLACE Terrence My inspiration for "the bridle less parrawing" NPW-ESP

Freedom2000 Freedom 2000 the place to be, very good program on The NPW9B.

NPW-Bill NPW-BILL The man, the biggest collection photo's and the the inventor of the cascade bridle.

enhanced nasa parawing A very good documented site for building NPW5-E:

KITE MAN Kite man , TOM, very good down loads on both NPW5 and NPW9B. Have a look at his photo section, it is fabulous

Stelios Alex Stelios Alex a lot of stuff and a good video on the NPW9

Merwin Updyke Merwin Updyke has a very nice web page covering to my knowledge all NPWbuilders on the web!

Sicco Hoekstra Sicco Hoekstra, Very nice close-ups of he NPW9B.

NasaWing - A subsection of foildesign Wiki. Great site to for foils and sleds.

Larry & Karen Green's Kites Larry & Karen Green's Kites beautifully made design's.

Eberhard Schmidt-Sommer NPW-HA construction and tips (in German) A very good site from Bill Rasmussen on npw's and Bill's own NPW-C


John travell's A single skin kite made out of 3 different profile's

Kite Sails A very large NPW variation the kite sail. Build for pull not for heights.


Martijn A Duch kite builder with a very nice web space

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