NPW A//C Teega

The TEEGA is created by Fredrik Lejonklou.
The Teega plans are on Freedom 2000 .
Owen Buerkle had the idea to change the C bridle to a parallel bridle.
This photo is the only one I have so far of the kite:
teega A parralel to C (7K)
These are the comments Owen Buerkle posted:
- absolutely no nose collapse whatsoever
- its is the fastest kite I have flown so far, and its pull is very dependent on speed. I have found that the standard Teega has quite constant pull irregardless of flying speed. This kite seems to "turn on" at a certain speed and pull much harder when moving.
- very poor flight window, probably 120 degrees at best, with side and vertical window being about the same. It flys very fast right to the edge of its window and then stops like it hit a wall.
- flys with virtually no brake tension, I could not let the brakes out enough to get the nose to collapse.

Overall I really liked the flight performance of the kite, especially the pull with speed. The window is terrible but I am hoping that that can be improved with lowering AOA and further tuning.
Since this post Owen has adapted the brake lines and is testing if the window is improving.
To be continued

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