The High Aspect nasaparawing NPW-PHA

The stability of the parallel C-Bridle on the NPW5-P gave me the idea to change the layout of the NPW and build a High Aspect Parawing.
This is how the NPW-PHA looks:

This is the NPW-PHA basic lay-out:
NPW-PHA lay out (25K)
What I did was taking the parawing basic plan and I made the wing tips wider till i had a surface of 3sqm for a body length of 1280mm (2sqm surface).
Notice the extra darts between bridle B1 and B2 these are left overs from the NPW5-P. First the kite didn't have the darts on the wing tips (left side of the drawing). It flew but the wing tips and panels E and F were flapping all the time.
The kite flew anyway this may be proof for the enhanced stability and rigidity of the parallel bridle.
Then after trying a lot of changes in the bridling, I took a rope and tied the wingtip together at the B5 bridle, result: No more flapping.
next step was to cut of the tips at B5 and ad a dart D
Test have shown that dart D is to big, the window of the kite was bigger with the flapping tips than with the tips cut of.
Perhaps when I reduce the dart from 60°to 70 or 90° it will regain its window.

PIC_161 JPG (76K)

This is the video with the new bridle:
temporary out
The bridle settings are in the excel
Download the plans and bridle lengths here

very rigid
Holds its form very well
will remain flying with one half flapping around.

Small window

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