A progressive BRAKE for the Nasa parawing (any type)

This is what I call a progressive brake: the idea is not new, I found it on 2 commercial web-sides, but I think I am one of the first to use it on a NPW. On the A11 bridling point there is a mall stainless steel ring. This ring functions as a pulley. One end of A11 is tied in with all other lines (a1 to a10) the other end is attached to a12 in the middle or if you want like a cascade bridle. I did not use a knot but made the connection adaptable like a loop . at the towing point were all bridles meet there is an other ring the brake line A12 runs trough this ring. On the drawing are also the formula's I used to calculate the line lengths "standard" is the normal length.

progtoom tekening IM5 (56K)
progressive bridle detail foto (113K) Advantages:
First: one is always absolutely sure that the brake line length is what one has calculated since the line must run through the ring at towing point. (unlike other systems there are no assumptions made.)
second: the wind on the brake lines and the weight of the brake lines can be compensated by the stearinghandles, They have no effect on the form of the kite since the bridle has only one central bridling point.
biggest advantage: if A12 is braking 10 cm A11 is only moving 5CM. This maintains the profile much better than any other system.
It really works , on all the pictures of the NPW-HA it is almost impossible to see whether or not I am braking, since the profile looks smooth, no bend between A10 an A11!

This is a excel sheet where you can change the brake type :classic or progressive and change the brake line length see for yourself what happens.
NPW brake comparison for NPW9 group.xls

Flying without the progressive bridle: NPW-5-P-foto3 jpeg (22K)

Flying with the progressive bridle.
This is a video of my NPW5 A//C flying with the progressive brake
Download NPW5 A//C video

These are pictures from the same flight Try this with any standard brake!
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PIC_0251 (185K)
PIC_0252 (96K)

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