progressive BRAKE: construction details

The D- Ring at A11, C 11 or B11
PIC_0372 detail D-ring klein (66K)
The D-ring is home made of 1mm welding rod (used to weld stainless steel) The D-ring has to be smooth since the bridle line has to slide over it as good as possible. The connection to he sail must be rotation proof. In this case I used the existing bridle point. If the D ring is allowed to rotate Bridle 11 will get entangled.
PIC_0365 detail  D-ring connection to kite klein (102K)
PIC_0367 detail D-ring connection to kite klein (57K)

The O ring at Qp:

progressive bridle detail foto (113K)
This is a simple commercial seamless steel o-ring. This is how The O-ring is attached at Qp of the NPW-A//C.
PIC_0354 Connection O-ring to Qp NPW A-C klein (135K)
PIC_0358 Connection Oring to Qp NPW A-C klein (74K)

The big o-ring is not necessary, that is just my way to make Qp

This is how it is attached to Qp of the NPW-HA PIC_0353 Connection O-ring to Qp NPW-HA klein (75K)

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