Welcome everybody to the Medal of Honor - Angels of Armageddon clan website! This clan was created by =AoA=Gen.BlackStorm, =AoA=Mjr.Gen.Trancepasser,  =AoA=Sgt.Mjr.Tyrael & =AoA=Mjr.Angel when they left the {xec}clan. We hope you enjoy the site and of course find it useful to visit us time and again. The =AoA= is of course recruiting new potential members, so take a look around. If you want to fight a clan war against us, that's also possible. You can find all the info you need here, on this site!

Angels of Armageddon was erected on July 5th, 2003.

This site is weekly updated!
Last updated: 29th of February, 2004

War results

Quote of the Week"We make war that we may live in peace." - Aristotle

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- 29th of February, 2004

It was a quiet week for =AoA=. What we did have was a lot of wars. You can see the results on the War Table page. The reports of the wars on the War Reports page are also updated.
There are a few members who got a new medal for winning five clanwars. We thank them for playing in them and helping us guiding it to a victory.
New metatags were added in the site. Metatags help us be found on searchengines, so the strays that don't know =AoA= will hopefully have less trouble finding us.


=AoA= General BlackStorm, Angels of Armageddon 

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