Many people have great ideas, all around the world. However, only a lucky few have the time and resources to bring their ideas successfully to the market. As a result, most ideas stay ideas and never get commercialized…

Comfortuna has taken up the mission to channel people’s ideas to the European market by providing them the platform to develop and commercialize their ideas, while rewarding the idea generator in function of realized sales.

You see a commercial opportunity, but you have no time? You have a great idea, but you need support? Don’t miss your chance and earn 5% of realized sales by just submitting your idea!
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Let's bring your idea to the market in 3 STEPS:
Congratulations! Your idea has reached the MARKETzone. Online reports will show you realized sales and your profit!
Approved idea's will move to the DEVELOPMENTzone. Many complex decisions need to be taken from the intial idea to the first sale. Comfortuna's professional business developers get you there.
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