Why sharing your ideas with Comfortuna?
• Discovered a business opportunity, but do not have enough time to invest in this
opportunity as you need to manage both your family life and a full-time job.

• Have some good ideas but also a nice life that you want to keep as such. Hence,
you do not want to take any risks, spend any time or money. But if you can make
some additional money, just by sharing your idea, that’s a nice-to-have!

• Have an idea, but need some professional support to transform the idea into a
commercial product or activity.
• Provides an objective, independent platform to challenge your business ideas.

• Established a process that guarantees you full confidentiality, regardless
whether your idea is approved for further development or not. Stealing ideas is
not our business.

• Consists of a team of professional business developers with vast experience
in different business areas.

• Grows its access to required market channels for commercial deployment by a
track record of successful implementations.

• Is committed to fair-play towards the idea generator – without guaranteed fair-
play Comfortuna can not build any future business.
your business idea can be transformed into a commercial success through focused and disciplined execution!
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Why sharing your ideas with Comfortuna?
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