What's a good idea?
What's a good idea?
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What a great idea!
This question deserves a short & simple answer: We don't know. Nobody does.

However, though you may not be able to tell a good idea when you got one, it is possible to determine a 'loser' idea. There are some reasonably concrete requirements for a good idea, and if your idea does not meet those requirements, it is a 'loser' idea. If your idea meets all the requirements, it is not a guarantee however that your idea will be a success.

It is Comfortuna's core business to screen ideas into depth. In this way, we can distinguish the ideas which might bring commercial success. Comfortuna screens ideas on three main criteria: desirability, value and speed-to-market.
1 Desirability
The idea's subject is desirable if a market exists for it. This sounds very basic, but is at the same time quite subjective and hence the toughest criterion to determine.

Some questions may help you getting started: who wants it? what feature do you like most and least about it? how many people would your idea address? out of these people, how many (%) would actually buy your idea?

Big companies spend millions every year to make sure their new products fit this magic definition. Also Comfortuna spends a lot of effort in this area in order to screen the viability of the idea. Comfortuna conducts surveys, inquiries, in-depth interviews and target market analysis. Friends tell you what you want to hear, the market tells you what you need to hear...
2 Value
Your idea won't sell in the market if the price of your idea is not rightly set. Your idea must be marketed value-for-money for the customer, but at the same time for the various parties along the supply chain: the seller, the distributor, the manufacturer, the manufacturer's suppliers. Unless everybody from the mineworker to the diamant store can make a fair profit out of your jewel idea, your target customer will not (be able to) buy anything...

Ask yourself: what would I be ready to pay for the idea? what parties are involved and what would it cost to get the idea to the market? Multiply that cost with at least a factor two... for all the steps you may have forgotten: did you include VAT? what are applicable regulations? how will you advertise? in what packaging will you sell your idea? how will you manage administration?

Comfortuna verifies the total-cost-to-market while analyzing the target market's price sensitivity.
3 Speed-to-market
Speed-to-market: the quicker, the better. Have you seen original products during holidays or trips abroad which you cannot buy in your home country? Let us know!
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