In which countries is Comfortuna active?
What's a good idea?
In which countries is Comfortuna active?
Why sharing your ideas with Comfortuna?
What's in for me? How does the reward structure work? How are confidentiality and fair-play guaranteed?
Channels to market
Comfortuna has developed channels to market in the BENEFRALUX, i.e. BElgium-NEtherlands-FRAnce-LUXemburg. Therefore Comfortuna is mainly focussing on commercializing ideas in these countries.
Comfortuna aims at establishing an on-line community of idea generators. You become part of our community as soon as you submit your first idea. Ideas are welcome from all over the world. People who travel frequently or who work and live (temporarily) outside the BENEFRALUX are typical idea generators. They are well placed to compare the product offering in their home country with the offering abroad. They may discover original products which are not available in their home countries. If they discover an opportunity abroad and share their idea with Comfortuna, we can bring it to the market while rewarding them with a fair share of realized sales.
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