What's in for me? Fair-play & confidentiality guaranteed!
It is your idea. You determine the level of involvement you want to have in the development and commercialization phase.
In this case you basically outsource your idea and let Comfortuna drive full development and commercialization. Comfortuna will reward you for your idea by sharing profit using an agreed reward structure. This is Comfortuna's 'Comfort Agreement'.
What's a good idea?
What’s in for me?
You want to share your idea, get the benefits, but not invest your time?
How does the reward structure work?
No surprises! Fair-play and confidentiality are crucial to success.
The reward structure is fixed at the moment of idea submission, which ensures fair-play towards the idea generator. The only condition for the reward to get into force is that your idea is approved for development and commercialization by Comfortuna.
Confidentiality is key! A non-disclosure agreement at the moment of idea submission commits the idea generator and Comfortuna towards confidentiality during the collaboration. When Comfortuna decides to not pursue the submitted idea, then Comfortuna commits that it will not disclose the idea nor further develop the idea within the next 3 years.
Comfortuna is committed towards fair-play – without guaranteed fair-play Comfortuna will fail its mission to grow future business.
You want to stay involved?
You can use Comfortuna’s services to support you in bringing your idea to the market. Comfortuna operates two models. In the first model, Comfortuna proposes a ‘shared risk’ agreement where one can increase his/her involvement in exchange for higher reward, but also taking a higher share in the risk. In the ‘consult’ agreement - merely aimed at medium sized companies to multinationals - the idea generator leads the development and commercialization, but outsources some activities to Comfortuna.
In which countries is Comfortuna active?
Why sharing your ideas with Comfortuna?
What's in for me? How does the reward structure work? How are confidentiality and fair-play guaranteed?
The idea generator receives a yearly fee of 5% of realized sales (excluding VAT), when profitability exceeds 10%. Under 10% profitability the yearly fee will be capped to 50% of the net profit. Net profit will be determined by costs that can be directly allocated to the idea (e.g. production costs, transport, depreciation of development costs) and by overhead costs that will be capped to maximum 10% of realized sales (e.g. costs related to office, administration, accounting etc). Comfortuna's bookkeeping is managed by an independent accountancy office certified by the Belgian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Experts.

Calculation example. 100.000 units were sold at 12.1 €/unit in a Belgian supermarket chain or at 10 €/unit excluding VAT, hence generating 1 mio € realized sales. Reward fee is calculated as 5% on 1 mio € realized sales or 50000€ reward when overall costs are below 9 €/unit.
see www.bibf.be
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