About us

Consultec is based in Belgium, near Maastricht, in the heart of Europe. Our customers are mainly based in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our goal is to team up with our partners and customers, and to maintain a long term relationship. We do not just deliver what our customers ask for, but we will reflect on the customers objectives. We intend to deliver added value to our customers.

We are familiar with the IT business. We do not only understand the customers functional needs, but we have also the capability to deliver. We are able to translate the functional needs into working software.

We consider optimal results as the product of interest and proficiency. Therefore we encourage our people to focus on areas of interest, and to assign them on areas they are good at. We invest continuously in education and training of our team members to be able to help you everytime you need us.

The environment is important for us and future generations. We want to contribute to minimize our ecological footprint on the world. We do not print e-mails unnecessary and if we print, we do it double-sided. We use remote access - if possible - to avoid commuting. To reduce our ecological footprint we invested in green servers that use less power than the conventional ones; and the heat dispense of the servers is used to warm our offices.


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Alex Stevens


Consultec BVBA
Maastrichtersteenweg 91
3770 Riemst




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