We are a consulting company specialized in Technical Services and Tools around Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems. We have deep technical knowledge of, and extensive experience with:

  • Planview
  • Clarity


Planview Installations

As approved Planview installers we are specialized in installing and configuring Planview software and its related components all over Europe. We have up to date experience with installing both relatively small environments and large web farm environments for round the clock availability and round the world usage. We invested in a decidated hardware and software infrastructure to train continuously our installers and to keep our knowledge up to date.

Every installation starts with an installation plan. A completed pre-installation checklist will be discussed in a conference call and the compatibility of the planned hardware and software will be verified against the Planview software release to be installed, and comes with a technical validation of the functional components and with a Engagement Report that comprises details of the installed components.


Technical Application Management

We perform also the Technical Application Management for those organizations that decide to outsource this specialized activity.

We are acquainted with the DTAP roadmap (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production) in large and mid size environments and the DP roadmap (Development and Production) in smaller environments.

During the maintenance period after the go-live we monitor the environments and do health checks on a regular basis, we plan in cooperation with Functional Application Management, and install or co-install new major releases, minor releases, maintenance releases and controlled releases according to the DTAP roadmap rules.

If any issues arise in the Production Enviroment, we troubleshoot using our experience and deep technical knowledge, fix them or we liase with Customer Care to find a solution.



We are experienced in migrating PPM tools from one version to another. Either we upgrade your existing PPM Tool to a next or newest version, respecting the prescribed migration path, or we help you migrating your PPM data from your legacy system into your Planview environment.

We migrated data from multiple and different legacy PPM sources into one single PPM system. An example is the migration from seven different legacy project management and resource management tools into one single PPM environment for a banking/insurance company.

And we also have experience with the data integration or data cleanup of PPM systems for merging or demerging organizations.

An example is when we migrated partially selected projects, tasks and resources from a legacy PPM system to Planview for a customer in the pharmaceutical/health care industry and another example is a customer that wanted to clean up their Clarity environment because of a demerger of the banking organization.



Organizations are looking for the best solutions to solve their challenges. Although some organizations prefer a one stop solution, many of them decide to use best of breed solutions to maximize productivity and profit, and to minimize risks and costs. Best of breed solutions require seamless integration between multi vendor solutions. Well defined interfaces are the key to success: they provide the foundation for a tight co-operation.

Often it is not a matter of a choice: organizations have to cope with an existing IT infrastructure. Software products like SAP are often a company standard. We created multiple interfaces between PPM systems and SAP. Data transfer in both directions are supported. For Planview interfaces, the data integration tools Opensuite and Pervasive are used.

Depending on your existing infrastructure and needs we can build either file based interfaces, middle ware oriented interfaces like TIBCO, create Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services or by using standard application integration and data integration software.



Business Intelligence

By utilizing the new Planview Analytics and Reporting Portal we can design a unified enviroment for all your Business Intelligence needs. In a single Dashboard we can integrate Business Objects reports, views on Insight Analytics OLAP cubes and Microsoft Reporting Services Charts. We design multiple dedicated dashboards for all the stake holders involved. We are able to show data from other systems in the same environment.

We are able to deliver dashboards, web parts, reports and portlets that meet your expectations. Before developing reports or portlets we first pinpoint on the objectives your report has to meet.

Our reports and portlets always cover your companies and/or role specific information needs. Some fine examples of our reports and portlets are: dashboards, resource management reports, missing/incomplete time sheets, distributing hours spent by e-mail to various partner companies.

We are familiar with the Planview Analytics and Reporting Portal, Business Objects Deski and Webi, SQL Server Reporting Services, Report Builder, Insight Analytics and Table Portlets. We have deep knowledge of the Planview data model to build up the underlying Data sets and SQL queries.



We are prepared to share our knowledge with you. This can be done in workshops or during a jointly development effort, in a presentation or just by discussing the business challenges to conquer. Training on demand:

  • Technical Administration training, covering all of the aspects of daily managing and maintaining your Planview installation from a technical point of view.
  • Business Objects - Planview training, covering training on the job of specified reports.
  • Analytics and Reporting Portal training, covering training on the job of specified dashboards, web parts and reports.

We are not afraid of knowledge transfer. We derive our existance not from protecting tips and tricks, but from ongoing investments in research and development around our specialities.


Configurations and Customizations

Standard products are hardly accepted by organizations because there is not such thing like a standard organization. On the other hand nobody is waiting for tailor made systems because they are far too expensive. Planview provides functionality to configure the system to your needs without customizing it.

We can help your organization to plan, configure and extend your PPM system to meet your expectations, and beyond. Samples are custom fields, reports, menus, pages and table portlets.

The key to success is to provide information for all the stakeholders involved in the usage of the PPM system. It is not enough to provide only information to the project managers involved. Also the management - and last but not least - the people who enter their time spent on a daily basis - will be more commited if they get access to dedicated and high quality information.


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