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We are proud to

be Sparkpea’s

internet radio !

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Next Cosy Clan Radio Where the music brings us together ! Welcome
Cosy Clan Radio is your companion during the day : while you chat or do other stuff : we get your groove on ! On some mornings you get DJ Honk . In the afternoon there will be DJ Odyssey, DJ Foxy, DJ DoctorDisco or DJ Rogue  DJ Mellow, DJ Bayou, DJ Southern, DJ Debs, also DJ NiteOwl and DJ Twobit give you their music in the evenings  We will keep you smiling, dancing and singing! Check the Schedules button to find out when we are on air ! Don’t forget to visit the  DJ Pages,The Artist of the month and to ponder over your Horoscope ! Try out the new recipes ! And keep listening to your favourite radio !
The best sounds on the net!
                                      Your Radio ! 
Listen to the music ! Tune in and your Spirit and Soul will dance ! Let the music of Cosy Clan Radio warm your Hearts !
Would you like to be a part of the  Cosy Clan Radio  DJ family ? Talk to  any of the DJ’s. They will   answer any questions you have.  DJ Mellow, the boss, will see if you are Cosy Clan Radio  material ! Don’t be shy : Try !