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Hi all, have a good time visiting my website about CPCTuner and HQCT!

The reason for setting up this website is meanly to promote ;-) my HQCT software CPCTuner.
Other reasons are to collect what is available on HQCT info and put it all here so that you don't have to search the net and all forums just to discover how the USB cable is connected or which pin is audio out left, right and ground. It's all here, info about connections are on the Documentation page and you can download a lot of HQCT software here!


3 June 2008: Some bugfixes and new DLL available

Latest build of CPCTuner and the DLL with minor bug fixes.

7 November 2007: Finally we're back in business!

Version in the download section is available!
See below for the changes in this new version. Some things are not completely tested so consider this version
to be some sort of beta. But I know that several people are waiting for it to be released so I decided to make it public.
The DLL has to wait a while, it still needs some modifications.

17 June 2007: New version almost ready!

The new version of CPCTuner (1.02 build 48) is almost ready! I'm working very hard to get things ready.
Here's an overview of what I've worked on for the last couple of weeks:
  • HQCT_eA support/settings
  • Brand new settings screen (with almost all tuner settings available) included are:
  • All tuner parameters like:
    • AGC
    • Bandwith
    • IF
    • Reference freq
    • DAA values
    • Center frequency
    • Level start
    • Level slope
    • Freq. offset
    • Freq. gain
    • Local/Distant
  • Mute on exit
  • Detect hibernation
  • COM port/signal for automatic antenna control (thanks to DR Dave!!)
  • Seek sensitivity
  • Region settings for EU/USA/JAP
  • AM/FM stations list
  • Treble
  • Bass
  • Loudness
  • Fader
  • Channel switching
  • RDS enabled/disabled
  • AF regional
  • RT Overwrite
  • AF sens. level
  • Viewing AF list and EON data
  • AF
  • News
  • Traffic
  • Improved RDS
  • Up/down volume buttons next to volume slider
  • Support for all HQCT modules : _i, _e, _eA

  • And HQCT_eA settings form (only available when a HQCT_eA is connected):
  • Channel switching
  • Thermal warning level setting
  • Clip detection level
  • Amplifier gain channel 1+2
  • Amplifier gain channel 3+4
  • Amplifier on/off
  • Visualisation per channel for:
    • Load short circuit
    • Output offset
    • Short to Vp
    • Short to GND
  • Visualisation for:
    • Thermal warning, temp > 120C
    • Thermal alarm, temp > 175C
    • Power on reset (Amplifier off)
    • Temperature too high (Amplifier off)

HQCT.DLL problem with VB6 solved.

Version solves the problem with crashing VB6 environments. (I hope ;-))

The HQCT.DLL now compatible with Radiator!!!

Version in the download section is now compatible with Radiator!
The DLL supports all available Radiator functions for external plugins.
All existing functions of version were left unchanged.

The very first HQCT DLL has arrived!!!

Goto the download section and get your copy of the HQCT.DLL!
There are also 2 examples available, a Delphi 7 example with full source code and a VB6 example, also source included. Both zip files contain the DLL and the binary.
The DLL supports the following HQCT functions:
  • The following parameters can be set to the HQCT module:
    • HQCT on/off
    • Mute on/off
    • Set HQCT AM or FM frequency
    • AM/FM switching
    • Frequency step up/down
    • Set scan sensitivity
    • Frequency scan next station up/down
    • Select sound source (Tuner, CD, Phone, Navigation)
    • Set HQCT output volume
    • Set HQCT bass level
    • Set HQCT treble level
    • Set HQCT loudness level
  • The following parameters can be obtained from the HQCT module:
    • RDS station name
    • RDS text
    • Actual FM frequency
    • Actual AM frequency
    • Stereo
    • Mute
    • Scan sensitivity
    • Reception level
    • Actual sound source
    • Actual band (AM/FM)


I'm currently working on a Windows DLL with almost all of CPCTuner features!
This means that software developers for Windows can use this DLL to develop .Net, C++ or VB applications for HQCT. Stay tuned for more info, a beta is sent to Datalex/XTronic for testing. A first beta download will be available soon.

Version tracker

Latest Build: CPCTuner.exe - Version

Bugs solved:

  • None.


  • Improved RDS decoding.
  • CPCTuner is now at version, took it out of the Beta stage!

Previous Build: CPCTuner.exe - Version

Bugs solved:

  • None.


  • USB connection delay changed to give slower hardware a chance to connect with HQCT.
  • Startup time reduced considerably.

Previous Build: CPCTuner.exe - Version

Bugs solved:

  • More stability on slower hardware (Tested on VIA SP13000 without problems).

Known bugs:

  • ....

Previous Build: CPCTuner.exe - Version

New features: /NOSPLASH parameter added, when you start CPCTuner.exe add /NOSPLASH to the command line to switch off the splash screen.

Bugs solved:

  • Communication buffer pointers got corrupt after intensive switching or when using slow hardware.
  • RDS station/text improvements, should be more stable, even when reception is bad.
  • Faster initialization after startup, splash is removed more quickly.
  • RR support reviewed and improved.
  • If you discovered any new bugs, goto the contact page and send me an email.


  • Support for HQCT-A.
  • More stability on slower hardware.
  • RDS station/text stability.
  • News function.
  • TA function.
  • EON data viewer.
  • ....
  • If you have any suggestions, goto the contact page and send me an email.

CPCTuner screenshot