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    The James Joyce Menu      

Lunch Menu; 1230h to 1430h Monday to Friday

The Soups:

Chicken Broth, a classic broth with chicken and

vegetables in season                                                       €3,95

Soupe au poulet, bouillon classique, légumes frais

Rich Tomato, traditional tomato soup lightly spiced               3,95

Soupe aux Tomates, soupe traditionnelle, légèrement épicée

The Main Courses:

Shepherd’s Pie : traditional shepherd’s pie made with pure

beef and carrots, topped with mashed potato

Hachis parmentier – pur boeuf, carottes, pommes-de-terre     8,50

The ‘Joyce’ Hotpot : lamb baked in seasonal vegetables,

potatoes & scented with fresh rosemary

Ragoût d’agneau : ragoût artisanale, agneau, pommes-de-

terre, légumes frais, au romarin                                                    8,50

Sausage Stovies : pork and beef sausages in potatoes richly

soaked with onions

‘Stovies’ Saucisse: saucisse porc et boeuf accompagnés

de pommes de terres cuites aux oignons                                     8,50

Savoury Cod : a savoury fish dish with coarse grain rice and

sultanas, flavoured with cinnamon

Cabillaud Savoureux: poisson, riz complet, aux raisins et

Cannelle                                                                                          8,50

Braised Chicken : braised breast of chicken and leeks in white

wine and saffron

Poulet Braisé: blanc de poulet braisé aux poireaux, vin blanc

et safran                                                                                        8,50


The Salads / Vegetarian Dishes / Quiches

Vegetable Bake : seasonal vegetables in a rich tomato sauce,

With coarse grain rice

Légumes au four: mélange riche de légumes frais, sauce

tomates, accompagnés de riz complet                                              7,50

Ham & Tomato Quiche : ham, tomato in puff pastry

(with green salad)

Quiche Au Jambon et Tomates : saumon frais, brocoli,

pâte feuilletée (salade verte)                                                             7,50

Cheese and Spinach Quiche : feta cheese and spinach

in puff pastry (with green salad)

Quiche aux Épinards et Fromage fêta, pâte feuilletée

(salade verte)                                                                                      7,50

The Plough Share : a celtic ploughman’s lunch with

Oatcakes or bread and three cheeses, green salad

Salade ‘l'araire’ : déjeuner traditionnelle des laboureurs,

trois fromages, biscuits d’avoine/ou pain                                         7,50

The Bloomsday Salad : the Joyce’s Caesar’s salad,

Sprinkled with scrapings of nutty ‘Dubliner’ cheese, croutons

Salade ‘Bloomsday’ (jour de célébration des oeuvres de Joyce) :

la salade Caesar traditionnelle, salade romaine, croûtons,

râpé de fromage ‘Dubliner’                                                                      7,50


A selection of fresh sandwiches is available at the bar all day…

Les sandwiches frais sont disponibles toute la journée au bar…

Party groups ? We can do buffets for up to 100 persons

– please enquire at the bar !