* WinAmp Plugin *

1. Gen Intro

This is a simple WinAmp plugin that allows you to play the first x seconds of
each song in WinAmp's playlist. To use it, start WinAmp, go to the preferences (ALT-P)
and select 'General Purpose' in the plugin section. Select 'WinAmp Intro Play Plugin'
and click 'Configure'. Check 'Enable Intro Play' and select how many seconds of intro
will be played before skipping to the next track. If you check fade-out, after the intro
time, the volume will fade-out 'till zero, and the next song will the be played.

That's all.

Click here to download version 1.3 (128k).

Version History :




2 Jun 2000


Bug correction : repeating foerever intro play of last song when Winamp is not in repeat mode.
Added : Start playing at a specified position of songs (in secs or percentage).
14 Feb 2000


Seconds on 7 digit allowed in edit box. See gen_into.txt for details.
12 Feb 2000


Fade-Out option added by suggestion of  Mervin van der Spuy.
10 Jan 2000


First release. Waiting for comments ...