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Words Win Worlds bvba is an independent consulting company in ICT and HRM. Your successful HR-systems implementation is our goal. To complete the service offering we have partnered with V.L.E.C.
Our partnership with V.L.E.C. allows us to offer full project life cycle services.

Under the current circumstances in the labour market companies face numerous challenges in the area of recruitment and retention. Human Resources are after all the most critical factor where it comes to achieving the strategic goals. Consequently, HR-systems must be considered as a vital part in the IT-infrastructure of a company.
On the HRM-"business" side we have seen a shift of responsibility from centralised HR-departments towards first the line management and later on even further to individual employees. Not all of the available HR-systems were able to facilitate those developments. Two of the main issues are security and privacy. Whether the systems are web-enabled or based on a client-server architecture, access to the applications and data-security remain the Tendon of Achilles for a successful implementation and exploitation of such systems.

Together with our Partners, we offer a full range of services and eventually, resources to make your (re-)implementation meet your user's requirements.

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