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Thursday, 26th october 2000

I have succeeded my cadet training in the BioPod. Seraph took the test and I passed with good results, so I was told.

I have been assigned a block as Block Leader and I am in charge of the Dream Merchants 

This means that I have to help new citizens in finding their way in Cybertown, something what i have been doing up to now, so this will not be too hard.

In fact i'm gonna build some help manual for new citizens, that should be easy for everyone who wants some more information.


Friday, 22th september 2000 Way down in the beginning of it all, I had the idea to create my own 3D stuff that I'll proudly could put in my house. I downloaded the program Spazz3D and took a quick look at some VRML. I began to experiment with it, but to my disapointment I have been confronted with the (slow) features of my Pentium 133Mgz and 64M Ram. In order to program some real cool things in VRML and Spazz I really need a higher system. 

Uncle Tom's Cabbin is my house name in Cybertown and this is an external view of it.

Yesterday there was an invation of German visitors at CT and I helped a lot of them out. Whitout beeing a BD I managed to settle a few new citizens in my block 'Dream Merchant'. One of them is SpaceTina who visited my house and we had some fun. (The yellow oversised bird is 'Brutus' my well trained pet). 

And I am the yellow circle.... this was the best avatar that I could find who could identify Popeye.... until the day I will create one myself.... :)  (means smile)

Sunday, 17th september 2000 I did not realize that I could become so addicted to CT! Any way there has been a lot going on lately in cyber space. First let me tell you that I've been working hard at two clubs : Belgie and Djz. I decorated the pages and had some broadcoasting club music installed at the front door (that is the chatting window in 2D) for the club Djz. This club actualy more then trippled his member scince I rearanged it. 

I have made some contacts with Emmeraldas, my direct Neighborhood leader, and I've been suggested to take some direct actions into CT by become a Cadet in the Mothership. My mentor is appointed and I welcome Athiu who will guide me in this apprentice.

Also, by accident, I became friend with a Swedish barkeeper in real life who ownes a club called 'Cocktail & Dream'. With the help of some dear friends in CT we organised a party at his club and had fun.

Wednesday, 30th august 2000 Today I took contact with Jack, a CT member and exposes her all my ideas and frustrations about CT. She is a cititzen for a long time and knows a lot of people. 

She agree that still a lot has to be done to improve CT but everyone is doing is outmost...and I believe her. It is still one of the most realistic virtual communities I have ever seen on the net.

I explained her that it should be a good idea to attract people from other countries, and that something should be done about the fact that english is actualy the only language spoken in CT. I proposed my help for translations and told her about the existance of this homepage who already can guide dutch and french people around.

Monday, 28th august 2000

I felt I should mention the fact that not all is perfect in CyberTown (CT). First you will experience the frequent crashes of the browser. I thought first this was due to the fact that have only a Pentium 133 with a 64mem, but I was told by a lot of CTcitizens that even with the outmost system  they experience this frequent crash problem also.

The problem lays with the Blaxxun software, I imagine. But then again I'm shure they will take care of that... the word is that actualy you can not find a better 3D-browser at this time. (If there is...please let me know).

Also, just like in real live, there are some gangsters around! The other day one CTcitizens told me that she was robbed! Someone came to her house and pretended he was security. She was told to put all her objects (like furniture) to a zero level (that means that anyone entering the house can take the objects) because she had to move to another place. As soon she putted her things to that zero level, the gangster took all objects away. 

Oh and yes, maybe one little hint.... if you have programmed your pet (when you have a house you receive a virtual pet wich you can program to answer to some questions) to respond to certain words, it happens that he will annoye you to much when you have a chat in your room with a visitor. Just click 'Ignore' on your pet, and he will shut up!

Friday, 25th august 2000 I can imagine that there are people who are asking themselves, how do I get started, what do I have to to, and where do I start. Well in order to answer those questions I have created a tutorial in order to answer those questions.
Thursday, 24th august 2000

If you have a good internet connection I have found an old Popepe cartoon. It's about Popeye running for office. Click on the image on the left in order to view the cartoon (RealPlayer should be installed on your machine!).

There is some music too.   

Hear Popeye's Favorite Phrase

Wednesday, 23th august 2000 When visiting The Avatar Factory I was impressed by 'Merlin' an Agent that is popping up when you are on the home page. I did a little ressearch on the matter and decided to have an Agent on the front page of this web too. I downloaded an example and changed it a little. Im awaiting for the first visitors to respond on it.

Also today I have a neat plug-in on every  homepage of a language, in order to contact me directly. If you see 'Leave a message' I am not online, if it says 'be back in 5 minutes' I'm probably away for a little moment, so keep waiting till this changes. It would be nice chatting with you in direct, try it!

Tuesday, 22th august 2000 I was browsing the web today and were impressed again about the possibilities of three dimensional applications. The Avatar Factory offers an impressive collections of Avatars, you should visit that place.
Monday, 21th august 2000 Like in real life, when you move to another place..... yes of course you're trowing a  party for your neigbours. And meanwhile you keep yourself busy and register yourself to a club.
Sunday, 20th august 2000 With Microsoft Frontpage I have made an entire new PopeyeNet. This job did required a whole day, but is it not great? Please give your opinion at the home page (thank you).

Oh, I've got a place now, and a little of CyberCity Cash (CC).... 

If I wanna open a club I need some experience. You can only do that with experience points. How you can earn those is mentioned here. To have enough of those points I need a job!

Saturday, 19th august 2000

The population today at 11:58 AM Cybertown Time (CyT) numbered 452,948 registered Citizens! It seems I am not the only one having fun.

This kind of information appears daily at;  


Friday, 18th august 2000

What an addiction.... I've just downloaded Spazz3D and experimenting with the creation of virtual objects. An unknown world is opening for me. This is it........ virtual life, wooaw!

Thursday 17th august 2000

This CyberCity life is a beautifull project. Soon I realise that we have to do something about it here in Europe. I decided for myself that I should do something in order to help other people know about this place, and si I started with the translations.

Wednesday, 16th august 2000

This is a great experience. First in 2D than in 3D !

Tuesdy, 15 august 2000

I bought myself a home 'Uncle Tom's place'.

Monday, 14 august 2000

So here is the start. I have immigrated into Cybertown !