European Caenozoic Contact Group.

European Caenozoic Contact Group.


Inventory and revision of the
Miocene molluscan fauna of Belgium.

Sampling and inventory systematically of the
Rupel Clay of Belgium.

Meetings ECCG: Thursday, 15 September 2005 on 20h
Sporthal, Drabstraat, Mortsel, Antwerp

      ::   Lecture by R. Marquet: "Oligocene in Belgium"
      ::   Preliminary results of the Rupel Clay research
      ::   Identification of the Rupelian Fossils (bring as many micro fossils as possible)
      ::   Two spectacular Fossils from the Rupel Clay: unknown Beetle and Heteropterid
      ::   We welcome anyone interesting in research on Tertiary stratigraphy and systematics.

European Caenozoic Contact Group
A new initiative

Congress: Foundation European Caenozoic Contact Group
On 9.4.2005 a new website will be presented, the European Caenozoic Contact Group.
This will happen in a meeting, with possibility to participate in a field trip to the Rupel Clay.

The aims of the new website European Caenozoic Contact Group are of interest to many paleontologists :
to promote contacts between paleontologists within the European Community;
to organize congresses and excursions in the Community;
to harmonize the European legislations on paleontology, under surveillance of geologists and paleontologists instead of archaeologists.
This new initiative is presented at an international meeting, organized by PPL, during which new publications will be presented and news on the library of PPL will be given.


April 9, 2005 in the "sporthal Schijnpoort" Slachthuislaan at Antwerp, Belgium


A poster session will also be organized and the new publications of PPL are presented.
Furthermore, it is possible to take part in a field trip: On Sunday April, 10 to the Oligocene at Kruibeke guided by T. Moorkens.