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Museums and Institutions
The Museum acts as a showcase for scientific research conducted by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, an internationally renowned center of which the Museum is an integral part.
Museum national d'histoire naturelle de Paris. Des nombreuses collections scientifiques sont présentées en fonction de leur appartenance taxinomique, ainsi que de leur constitution historique et de leur localisation au sein du Muséum.
National Museum of Narural History Leiden
British Natural History Museum
The Geological Museum of Copenhagen displays a wide range of geological phenomena.

Caenozoic Era  (in Dutch)
Werkgroep voor Tertiaire en Kwartaire Geologie  (in Dutch)
Neogene fossielen in Belgie
This Web Site displays about 1,500 of the characteristic fossils of the Eocene and Oligocene rocks of England
Virtual Scientific Collection of French Tertiary Fossils
About recent and fossil gastropods of the Superfamily Stromboidea.
Fossil holoplanktonic Mollusca (Pteropoda and Heteropoda)
Worldwide Chitons (WWC) is a new website for promoting the study of chitons worldwide.
Ice Age Molluscs
Fossil Sharks & Rays in Belgium and NW Europe
Sharkteeth & other fossils from the Oligocene of Espenhain
Website made by a Romanian collector, covers the Romanian Eocene epoch,
The Tertiary Research Group is a London-based, specialist Geological Society, which brings together amateur and professional geologists with an interest in the Tertiary period worldwide

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A site providing links to Fossil websites throughout the Internet
PaleoNet is a system of listservers, www pages, and ftp sites designed to enhance electronic communication among paleontologists.