Early Pliocene of Estepona, Southern Spain

stratigraphy of Estepona
location map,Estepona
Geological context and location map, adapted from Vera-Pelàz et al.   (1995,p.95,fig.1)
Velerin conglomerates (here after indicated as Velerin) and Parque Antena.
1. Recent alluvial7. Alpujarride ComplexCO Velerin Conglomerates
2. Quaternary alluvial8. Other depositsVA Velerin Antena
3. PlioceneEL =El LobilloSA =sandy lens
4. San Petro de Alcantera formationRC =road cut just north of Estepona townVQ =Velerin Quarry
5. Campo de Gibraltar ComplexPA =Rio del PadronVC =Velerin Carretera
6. Malaguide Complex  PQ =Parque Antena
The Early Pliocene ( Zanclean to Early Piacenzian ) of the Malaga region (Andalusia, Spain) crops out in a narrow coastal strip between Estepona and San Pedro de Alcantara, unconformably on older deposits, and forms the main body of the Cordillera Bética Mountains.
The general geology of the area is described in detail by Guerra-Merchan (1997) and Guerra-Merchan et al. (2002).The Pliocene deposits consist of different lithology macropaleontological richness is variable but generally high. Mollusca are one of the dominant benthic groups and their detailed systematic study is in progress (e.g. Vera-Pelaez et al., 1995); Fehze & Landau, 2002, 2003; Landau et al., 2003, a & b).

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