Be Bold, Be Bronx, Be Beautiful ... with original salsa from New York !

Salsa dance classes instructed by Conny

Conny Conny has been teaching salsa since January 1994. Among others, she has been working for 7 years with the Pianofabriek, a multicultural center in Brussels. She instructed mambo (Cuba / NY), merengue and bachata (Dominican Republic), cumbia (Colombia) and bolero (Cuba) classes there. For the moment she teaches salsa/mambo (New York) and son montuno (Cuba) to her students. Occasionally she performs with her dance group The Nuyorican Co. She lives part-time in the Big Apple where she continuously updates her training skills with the renowned teachers.

In her youth, she already undertook classical, modern, jazz and folkloric dancing and performed regularly with a dance group. During her university studies, she danced jazz-ballet. Finally she learned to dance salsa in Amsterdam, Cuba and New York. First she concentrated on the Cuban casino style (comparable to our swing, and very popular in Europe), later on the more authentic Afro-Cuban style which has been kept alive, cultivated and enriched (with jazz, flamenco, tap-dance, ...) primarily in New York City.

During her salsa classes, the accent is on style and technique, while a large repertory of partner work and open step patterns is build up. Beginners will start with the son montuno basics and the understanding of dancing on clave. The other Latin-American dance styles - rumba, merengue, bachata, cumbia, cha-cha-cha - are taught as warming up exercise and are meant to make the students acquainted with a broad dance and music culture.