Syllabus of open step patterns, partner work and combo's : level 2

Open step patterns

  • left and right flare
  • backward basic with a flick
  • swivel
  • right corkscrew turn
  • left and right forward axle turn
  • hook step with half turns
  • suzy-Q with half turns
  • cuban step with half turns
  • suzy-Q tap
  • hook-flick step
  • sailor step
  • half flare
  • spiral kick
  • spiral tap
  • spiral hop
  • spiral kick and tap
  • spiral kick into corkscrew
  • spiral plus
  • reverse slide into cross-over forward
  • forward slide into cross-over backward
  • front double cross
  • reverse cuban step
  • syncopated step
  • braid step
  • cross-over into suzy-Q, suzy-Q into cross-over
  • half swing
  • full swing
  • full swing with a turn
  • mambo jazz
  • half steps (forward and backward)

Open step combo's

Partner work

The A version syllabus

The B version syllabus

Partner work combo's