wmzazof is a very simple WindowMaker dockapp that displays the uptime (hours, minutes or days), free mem (kB) and used mem (kB).
Two modes exist for mem used and mem free: with or without cache.
At startup the dockapp is in uptime mode hours, mem free with cache and mem used without cache.

This is version 0.1/0.2 This is the new version 0.3

General information:

  • licence: GPL
  • current version: 0.3
  • since: 06 october 2001
  • first release: 14 march 2001
  • depends on: libdockapp or download
  • download version 0.3 (tar/gz)
    download version 0.2 (tar/gz)
    download version 0.1 (tar/gz)

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