Note that the lesbos links are dead due to a number of reasons, the most important one being that I am leaving the university. If you want something, send me a mail and we'll look in solving your problem.



I am working in varying degrees on the following projects. More information can be found on Sourceforge

  1. nvrec
    Simply the best capture core for capturing video in GNU/Linux.
  2. RAFTnet
    This project used to be completely in MPI, but due to too many problems (imcomplete implementation and platform dependent implementation differences, it now features corona, a drop-in library replacement for a subset of the functionality of MPI
  3. Yepp
    It should be in GNU/Debian Sid, support of this is sketchy at best, since some of the upstream authors seem to have gone missing. If you have problems, I'll see what I can do to fix it.
  4. divxcomp 0.1 is a small tool to compute the required bitrate for putting a movie onto a CD of e.g. 700 MB, there is basically nothing much more to tell about it, next to the fact that I programmed it after I saw a buggy implementation in C, and the upstream author did not react.
  5. writeit is a script that makes life easier for burning CDs from the command line, it handles iso, bin/cue, vcd, svcd, blanking CDRW's, ... download from here, see a in-depth description here

    In order to keep in the spirit of the previous project, I'll add some screens of futurama. Note that I added (from v0.2 onwards) a parameter to override the default background. The three images show the sampling of the orinal files in the lower images and the highlighting with the episode names.
    futurama_menu_screen1 futurama_menu_screen2 futurama_menu_screen3

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