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This page gives you a chronological review about the work made to build the genealogy of

the name Crommelink and all his other spelling’s.

The goal is to connect all bloodlines one day !

For a good follow up, read the history  month by month from bottem to top !  




 - 17/03. Contact with Erik Desmet ( makes me connect Angelica Crommelynck & Batholomeus Josephus with the main Crommelinck (Gent1)  line.

I  can remove the old Gent3 line in “7.CROMMELINCKX …family line”.

 - 7/03. Contact with Van Parys Anja will help me expand and check the Crommeling1 line.

 - 1/03. Geneanet gives me 4 generations. Descendants of Jean Baptiste Cromlin °8/05/1873 Bury.

 - 20/2. Geneanet gives new line with descendants of Cromlin Isidor °18/01/1853 Valenciennes who has his next generation at Gembloux. (2 generations)

 - 16/01. Contact with Raymond Borowiak ( gives me a new family line, named Cromlin.

There is a possible connection to line Petegem1:

The Cromlin line start with Joseph Crommelinck °Moregem 19/07/1682. His first born child is Cromelinck Marie Simonne °Bacéles 1715.




 - 1/11. Start investigation of church records for city of Kortrijk.

 - 20/08. UPDATE ALL LINES after making an inventory for the collection of mortuary cards at VVF-Melle &  VVF-OSTEND. Also investigation of voting lists for Merelbeke 1986, Bottelare 1986, Munte 1986, Balegem 1986, Aalst 1984, St Niklaas 1986, Schelrode 1986 & Wondelgem 1980.

 - 20/08. Refresher of civil records for Waarmaarde 1796-1820. Death of Emmanuel 16/01/1809 WAARMAARDE makes me merge the bloodline from Crommelinck Emanuel & Lanneau Marie with Crommelynck Emanuel & Coppens Isabelle Rose.

 - 18/08. Update with fresh data from (no new persons).

 - 18/08. Investigation of civil records for Oostrozebeke 1860-1870. And input with data from bloodline Baldinne Vaseur (French genealogie site: makes me expand the main Avelgem bloodline

 - 10/08. Investigation of civil records for Helkijn

 - 20/05. Refresher of church records for Ansegem

 - 25/04. Investigation of church records for Heestert makes me connect the line “Franciscus-Van Herpe” with the  main Avelgem line.

 - 07/04. New upgrade line ‘Gent01’with decendants of Crommelynck Jean Robert.

   NapoleonLiege) and Robert the famous painter (°Liege).

 - 20/02. Contact by mail with Ermano Crommelijnck ->> upgrade “Crommelinck family roots – Gent

 - 18/01. Contact by mail with Debbie Crommelinck ->> upgrade “Crommelinck family roots – Gent

 - 06/01.  Investigation of church records for Deerlijk  gives me new “Crommelinck family roots – Deerlijk”.

No connections to other lines.

 - Investigation of church records for Deinze gives me new “Crommelinck family roots – Deinze”.

No connections to other lines.




- Investigation of church records for OUDENBURG and WOUMEN gives me “Crommelinck family line-Woumen

- 15/12 New internet contact  with Chris Van der Meersen makes me expand Crommelinck family line-E2. He is a living descendant of

  Crommelinck Amelia (°Bevere 1800) X Bauwens FrederikKerkhove 1811).

- 29/11 New intenet contact with Hildegarde Grootaert makes me upgrade Crommelinck family line-A and expand it with descendants

  Gislain Grootaert X Crommelinck Leonie about 1897 Gent.

- 5/11 Demeyere Alain gives me a visit. He brings me info about family line Crommelinck-K2 and brings the line down about 1450. This documents will be investigated at a future date.

- New born child °3/11/07  Elza Crommelinck doughter of Yoeri and Kelly Brouckmeerch (family line Crommelinck-A).

- 1/11 New internet contact with Guy Crommelinck gives me a new line. An unknown  Crommelinck XXXX (°ab 1820 Gent) emigrates to Gembluox   (prov. Namur) and Waver (prov Brabant). The  line number is  Crommelinck family line-WA”.

- 29/10 New internet contact with Crommelynck Ingrid (sister of Erik, child of Eric) helps me to expandCrommelinck family line-A”

- 23/10 Diner with Govart Deketh member of the Crommelin family.

- New investigation -> Merelbeke 1796-1812 -> small update in family line Crommelinck-A.

- 06/09 Contact with Marc Meerschout gives me the desendants of Hector Victor Crommelinck °3/02/1885 MUNTE (family line Crommelinck-A).

- 21/05 Gent : Dead of Roger Gerard Crommelinck (line Crommelinck-A) .

- Contact with Crommelinckx Elke makes me reconstruct a part of three generations in her family line at Langdorp (Aarschot).



- Contact with Demeyer Nancy makes me reconstructing her bloodline in line Crommelinck-A’


October 2005

- Contact with Crommelinck Alina confirms line done by Nele De Moor

- Investigation of civil records at Oosterzele for the city of Moortsele 1870-1920’ makes me connect line done by Nele De Moor

  with line Crommelinck-A. Line Crommelinck-N’ who leads to living names at Merelbeke (Annelies), is also merged into line Crommelinck-A’.

- Contact with Crommelinck Marc creates new line with roots at Kalken and Munte.

No connection jet to the main Crommelinck-A-‘ line.


Augustus – September 2005

- Investigation of civil records at Avelgem 1870- 1920  gives me new names

                                and makes me connect line ‘Crommelynck-D’ to the main ‘Crommelynck-A line’

- Contact with Crommelinck Frank (born Assenede) makes new line with roots in Munte’.

No connection jet to the main Crommelinck-A- line’.



June - July 2005

- New data by Crommelynck Roger and Crommelynck Alphonsine makes me merge line Crommelynck-D’ into line ‘Crommelynck-A’.


May 2005

- New born child in line Crommelinck-A’: .... Febe Crommelinck doughter of Yoeri  and Kelly Brouckmeerch

- Contact with Crommelynck Roger (line ‘Crommelynck-D’)


March - April 2005

- Investigation of all civil records 1796-1870 for the village Munte

  Investigation of civil bird records 1796-1870 for the villages  MerelbekeBottelareLandskouter - Ledeberg

  Update line Crommelinck-A’ witch new data..

  Merge line Crommelinck-MO’ with line ‘Crommelinck-A‘


- Crommelinck Wim  mails me new info for line ‘Crommelinck-C’.



January – February 2005

- Decease of Crommelynck Etienne (+ 6/02/2005 Geneva),  husband of Nina Walser.


- Crommelinck Carine ( CarineAlfons – Modest – Eduardus & Overtvelt ) 

helps me to connect her line to line ‘Crommelynck-A’



October – November - December 2004

- Update line Crommelinck-A’ and line Crommeling-A’ afther examination of

                                                                       birth records 1861-1870 for the city of GENT


- My duth contact Govert Deketh (his mother was Crommelin) who is living in Switerland found

 a few Crommelynck’s in Switserland

  They live all in Geneva and are one family.

 Govert did find three generations there with roots in Avelgem (BE).

 .I do connect then at line Crommelynck-A’ to

‘Leander Crommelynck (°1842 Avelgem) & Juliette Depreatere



September 2004

- Investigation of church records 1800-1904 for GENTBRUGGE

Creation of new line Crommelinck-MO’. (decendants of Polydorus who was  born in Moortsele)

Completion of line Crommelinck-A’ witch two more sones for Crommelinck August  (Albertus and Alfred JB)

- Visit to the city of Gent :

St Baafs Cathedral : Looking for a grave stone with the name ‘Crommelinck’ we found a stained glass window witch represent the old family shield used in the presentation of this website.
















We did not find the gravestone !


City archive : Here we looked at familypapers for the names ‘Crommelijnck and Crommelin’ .

The papers where old (about 1600-1720) and very difficult to read.

We will study then later



Augustus 2004

- New born child in line Crommelinck-A’, name Ignatius (son of Marc Crommelinck)


March - July

- Looking at election lists for names of voters 1950-1972. And compleet most lines.


- New contact witch Crommelinck Celine start new line Crommelinck-C’.


- Info found in church records Kortrijk and book 'Tablets de Flandre tombe 8 page 28' makes a new line “Crommelinck-K2”.

It starts about 1605 with the mariage of Gerard Crommelinck and Willecomme Catharina.

  Theire doughter Jossyne maried  Francies Van Der Meersch at Mercken.


February 2004

- Reconstruction of line Crommelinck–A’ and merge ‘lines A–G1–G4–G7–G8–Q’


- Investigation of church records 1650-1796 for AVELGEM

and merge lines Crommelynck-A and U’  with  lines ‘Crommelinck-U and C’ into

a new big line Crommelynck-A’


January 2004

- Start investigation of the church records at Ghent St Jacobs 1611-1730.

 First update of line Crommelinck-A’ with this new data


- Investiegation  (and update data)  ofmariages 1796-1820 for the city of Ghent


December 2003

- Update of line Crommelynck-C’ with info from the site of Callewier Erwin.

- Making one index with the church records with the family name for the city of  Ghent 1600-1796’

      churches: St Anna

                       St Baafs

                       St Jacobs

                       St Martinus

                       St Niklaas

                       St Salvator

                       St  Pieters


- Afther an study about the census of 1814 for the villages Avelgen, Anzegem, Tiegem

we made an update for these lines connected to these villages.


November 2003

- Updating and compere all data afther investigation of registers ‘marriages at Gent, period 1821-1851’

Updating line: Crommelinck-A (start ab.1750 with Daniel & Gevaert Petronilla)

Line Crommelinck-A absorbs line Crommelinck-G6

            Updating line: ‘Crommelynck-G8’  (start ab.1780 with Petrus Joannnes & De Geyter Anna Catharina)

                                    Crommelinckx-D’  (it start ab.1800 with Joannnes Francies & De Nijl Anna Catharina)

            New lines:      ‘Crommelinck-G1’  (start ab.1785 with Crommelinck Catharina Paulina, 3 generation)

                                    ‘Crommelinck-G4’  (start ab.1780 with Gillis & D’ Hont Anna Catharina, 4 generations)

                                    ‘Crommelinck-G7’  (start ab.1750 with Joannes & Tack Joanna, 3 generations)


- Investigation of  church records 1650-1796’ forElsegem’, ‘Petegem’, ‘Zelzate’, ‘Bevere’,

‘Berghem’, ‘Eine’, ‘Moregem’.


- Presentation of new lines     ‘Crommelinck-Y1’ with recent data (Elsegem).

                                               ‘Crommelinck-Y2’ with recent data (Petegem’ and ‘Elsegem).

Crommelinck-PE’ with recent data (Moregem’ and ‘Petegem).

Crommelinck-T’ with recent data (Tiegem’ and ‘Elsegem).




October 2003

- Investigation of  church records 1650-1796’ forMerelbeke’, ‘Landskouter’, ‘Lembeke’,

‘Oost Eeklo’, ‘Oosterzele’, ‘Scheldewindeke’.


- Presentation of new line Crommelinck-ME’ with recent data (Merelbeke, Landskouter, Lembeke).


- Update line Crommelinck-P’ witch info about mariage ‘1781: Francois Jacques Crommelinck & Beernaert Coleta from church record Oosterzele’.


- Finding the mouring-card for ‘Noel Van Parys (+ 08/09/2003)’ brings more info to line Crommeling-A’.

Update line Crommeling-A’.


September 2003

- Claiming the register about ‘birth of  Crommelinck Gustaaf  1893’ at the city of Gent gives me also info

about his mariage with ‘Madelaine DeBacker.

This info makes it possible to merge lines ‘Crommelinck-A’ and ‘Crommelinck-E’

into a new line Crommelinck-A.


- Updating and compere all data afther investigation of registers ‘marriages at Gent, period 1851-1870’

Updating:      Crommelinck-A’



            New lines:      ‘Crommelinck-G6’



- Updat line Crommelynck H’ afther visiting website of Herve Wullus.


- Creation of new lines Crommeling-A’ and ‘Crommelynck-G8’

afther selecting data from ‘St Stefanus Gent 1800-1900’


- Making contact with Daniel Verkerken and visiting his website.

- He gives me more info for mariages at St Stefanus Gent 1900-1940’


August 2003

- Investigation about birth, dead and mariage at‘St Stefanus Gent 1800-1900’.

(books in library VVF Ostend:Bewerkte parochie registers St Stefanus Gent 1800-1900’)

nr 2#2b388C ‘Index Birth’

nr 2#2b388D ‘Birth records’

nr 2#2b388F Mariages

nr 2#2b1032 ‘Dead records’

- Update line Crommelinck-A’ afther investigation in church records ‘St Stefanus Gent 1800-1900’

- Updating and compere all data with inventory for all marriages at Gent for period ‘1810-1900’


July 2003

- Update data and line Crommelinck-N’ afther investigation in church records Anzegem 1650–1796’

(books in library VVF Ostend: nr 2#2b456-457-458  titles: ‘Bewerkte parochie registers Anzegen )


- Investigation of book Moense bevolking van toen 1901-1848 en nu’.

- Update records with data about inhabitants of Moen.

(book in library VVF Ostend: nr 2#2b1103 )


- Update line Crommelinck-A’ with marriage of Augustus (1884 Gent)

and marriage of  Carolus Joannes (1860 Gent)


- Update line Crommelinck-U’ with extra info about theBailly family line’  (contact with Pascal Plancke).


June 2003

- Investigation first part of ‘civil registers 1796-1870’ forElsegem’.

- Update presentation of line Crommelinck-Y’ with recent data (Elsegem).


- Making inventory for all marriages at Gent for periode ‘1810-1900’.


May 2003

- Contact with Carl Crommelinck makes me to enlarge an update line ‘Crommelinck-E’


- Construct and present a first edition of web page with explanation about the name.


- Making presentation and tree for the name Bartholomeus (Crommelinckx line-C)


- Introdution of frames on the website.

- Making  layout (tree) for all lines.


- Investigation of  civil registers 1796-1870’ forGullegem’, ‘Geluwe’, ‘Oeselgem’, ‘Deerlijk’.



April 2003

- Update all presetations with full date.

- Contact with Kirsten Bartholomeus (N.France) makes new link to Gent

for the name Crommelinckx (Angelique   line-C).

- Investigation of  civil registers 1796-1810 / 1832 –1870’ forWaarmaarde’.


March 2003

- Investigation of ‘civil records 1796 – 1870’ for the city of Kortrijk

and make connections to data out of ‘church-records Kortrijk 1650 – 1796’.

- Update presentation of line Crommelinck-P’ with recent data (Kortrijk).


February 2003

- Construct and present first edition of this page (evolution).

- Making a direct connection to Miff Crommelin’s site for ‘the Crommelin’s history’.

- Investigation of ‘civil registers 1796-1870’ for  ‘St Denijs’.

- Investigation of ‘civil registers 1802-1870’ for  Moescroen, ‘Menen’.


- Updating bloodlines with the new info:

·         Update line Crommelinck-U’.

- Add new family lines:

·         Crommelinck-P’ starts at Kortrijk ca. 1770 with Constance Joseph.

·         Crommelinck-HE’ starts at Moen? In 1725 with Francois.

·         Crommelinckx-A‘ start at Gent in 1821 with Karel.

·         Crommelinckx-B‘ start at Gent in 1894 with Robert.


January 2003

- Investigation of  civil registers 1796-1870’ forIngooigem’, ‘Kerhove’, ‘Spierre’.

- Investigation of ‘civil registers 1796-1870’ for ‘Kaster’, ‘Ansegem’, ‘Ingelmunster’.

- Contact in N.France with Marie Anne Crommelinck gives extra info about line ‘Crommelinck-O’

 inN.France’ and ‘the Vogezes’.

- Update presentation of line Crommelinck-O’ and all other lines.

- LineCrommelinck-B’ moves into Crommelynck-H’ afther passing info about Spierre in to the tree.


December 2002

- Investigation of ‘civil registers 1796-1870’  for:  Heestert’, ‘Tiegem’, ‘Moen’ .


November 2002

- Investigation civil registers  Avelgem 1805-1842’.

- Updating all bloodlines.


October 2002

- Investigatie civil registers ‘Waarmaarde 1831 – 1870’ and  Avelgem 1842 – 1870’ .

- Presentation of  blood lines:

·         Line Crommelinck-N; start at Merelbeke in 1870 with Gustave Ferdinand

·         Line Crommelinck- U; start at Avelgem in 1740 with Joseph Judoca..

·         Line Crommelynck-H; start at Avelgem in 1743 with Emmanuel

·         Line Crommelynck-N; start at Anzegem in 1727 witch Francois.

·         Line Crommelynck-U; start at Avelgem in 1742 witch Melchior


September 2002

- Construct a page with a links to my mailbox, to Patrick Serne, to Miff Crommelin, Anja Crommelynck.

- Remove of the pedigree fa. Crommelin demanded by Patric Serne (info about living people in it !).


August 2002

- New intro  ‘TIMEKEEPER’

- Making New Page and link to ‘FAMOUS relatieves’:

This page gives more info and a littele history about local and international famous family.


June 2002

- Web start-up with pedigree line ‘Crommelinck-A’,  pedigree ‘fa. Crommelin and map of ‘living Crom in Belgium’.

- Presentation of first bloodlines out of the database :

·         Line Crommelinck-A; start at Ledeberg in 1850 with Auguste.

·         Line Crommelinck-B; start at Spierre in 1830.

·         Line Crommelinck-E; start  at Gent in 1893 with Gustaaf.

·         Line Crommelinck-O; start  at  Avelgem in 1742 with Joannes Baptiste.

·         Line Crommelynck-A; start  at Avelgem  in 1673 with Jean.

·         Line Crommelynck-C; start at Avelgem in 1731 with Emmanuel

·         Line Crommelynck-D; start at Avelgem in 1885 with Victor.


March 2002

- Collecting info on the net. Building a database.

- Make contact with the Crommelin’s.

- Building the first  bloodlines !


- Create a list with living people and look for places on the map.

- Find area’s with family concentrations.