Numbers 9.0 Cipher Pad Generator

Numbers 9.0 is a crypto-secure cipher pad generator to create and print series of random numbers or letters that are used as keys for manual cipher systems. The output is formatted as encryption worksheets, standard one-time pads, a table of one-time pads or as customizable series. You can also view and print various letter-to-digit conversion tables.

The pool of randomness to generate random numbers and letters is created by randomly mixing a large number of files that contain unpredictable data. This can be a collection of images, audio recordings, video, binary data or a combination of these.

Such files contain highly random data that isn't create by an algorithm and doesn't follow predictable mathematical rules. The digital content of an image file represents random shapes, colours and light shades of objects in our chaotic world. Likewise, an audio recording of traffic noise is the digital representation of an unpredictable chaotic mix of vibrating air waves.

The random properties of a large number of different files and the complex random mix make statistical analysis and cryptanalysis impossible. The only remaining option would be to obtain the original collection of files and try out all possible file mixing combinations, which is computationally impossible.

Even when a used collection of files is compromised, there are still 5,2 x 10245 ways to randomly select the mandatory minimum 20 files from a set of 100 and mix the extracted portions, random in size and position, into the randomness pool. This is comparable to a 816 bit key. You can however select up to 400 files from a set of 400. The generated cipher pads are therefore cryptographically secure. When properly used, the software can generate one-time pads. The included help file explains how to securely generate cipher pads and how to use them.

Runs on Windows™ and with WINE on Linux or Parallels Desktop on MAC.

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Numbers 9.0.3 Full install (Zip 1,7 MB)

Check the integrity of the software (version 9.0.3 from 13-08-2017) with a SHA-256 calculator. More info on verifying files at my SHA-256 page. SHA-256 = d16d8c6bf312506d258bb3f10fa8214c53bcd147789382cb9453128f8b01fc9e
numbers.exe SHA-256 = a5836339689e7ca752aa773271b9e0d1662080e9e85680aea97c9bb800c8c5f7

Please check the readme file before installation.
Uninstall any previous version through config screen/software and remove "Numbers" before installing the new version!

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