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reggae band Jahsons Vibration

JahSons Vibration was founded on the 20th April 2004, by Femi and Emmon with the sole aim of promoting conciousness and awearness through reggae music which we found out as a vehicle which transmit a positive message globaly. JahSons has been staging performances on several ocassions in Freetown and beyond, with their first single release MAMA AFRICA which was far away launched in the BO FRIENDSHIP HOUSE Bo town in 2005. In the year 2006. 1 Jah Son, who is the lead vocalist, song writer, insrumentalist and group leader SKILFUL, proceeded to the Kingdom of Belgium where he representing the 4 Jah Sons in an international music festival called the PAULUS FEEST held in the city of Oostende. Skilful did his performance together with an Australian Techno musican and Didgeridoo player called GANGA GIRI. It was a never to be forgoting performance.
In April 2007, Skilful and Sheepade invited to a WORLD MUSIC AND DANCE FESTIVAL in the city of PALMA DE MALLORCA in Spain, which they represents Sierra Leone with cultural and music performance.
To found out more about JahSons, visit www.skilfulsalone.com

Meer info over JahSons Vibration op www.skilfulsalone.com of http://www.myspace.com/4jahsons